Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oops Infrastructure Improvement is Also a Way to Screw the Poor

Lol lmao hahahahahahahhahaahaha I don't know how much more of this I can take, it's EVERY DAY, MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY. 

Deep breaths.

So it sounds like this administration's Secretary of Transportation, who is, spoiler alert, terrible, let slip that Lord Dampnut's plan to improve U.S. infrastructure, which we sorely need, is just a ploy to privatize infrastructure and make people pay a crap load more tolls, which we don't need.

Those plans include putting a halt to infrastructure plans in California as well as privatizing the process, thus ensuring us taxpayers will have to pay twice in order to use things like roads and bridges. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao was on Sean Hannity’s news-gameshow and you could really see that Ms. Chao is not the seasoned scam-artist when it comes to articulating a hussle. After saying how we needed to come up with “new and innovative ways” to revamp our country’s infrastructure, Chao started falling all over herself. 
"So, basically, we allow foreign inv—uh, we allow different kinds of money, private sector money to come into the United States—I’m not saying foreign—to come and fund, let’s say a bridge or a road or it can be any kind of infrastructure."

"So we allow foreign inv... uh... not foreign investors. Forget I said foreign investors. Hahahaha nothing to see here, smoke bomb!"

And the U.S. government has become a parody of itself.

I was waiting for the catch on this bill. Everything comes back to lining the pockets of the mega rich by screwing over poor people. And I'm including the so-called "middle class" into that because you people are still so much poorer than the rich now that it's a fucking joke. You're poor. But the poorer you are, the more fucked you'll get.

Eat the rich.

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