Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Muslim Women's Day!

Was yesterday! Blarg I can't believe I missed it! I was too distracted by the Trumpcare failure. Though it is comforting to know that the more Lord Dampnut fails, the better off my Muslim sisters are. At least in this country. We need to do more to stop the U.S. military from constantly murdering Muslim peoples in the Middle East. But anyway, it was the first official Muslim Women's Day and that is awesome. Muslim women are awesome. I wish there had been more in the news about it before today.

If you missed it, too, there's a great piece on Refinery about how Muslim women are adversely affected by the current administration and things you can do to support them. This article also introduced me to Muslim Girl dot com! It's a wonderful blog by Muslim women and for Muslim women, so if you're Muslim or want to learn more about their daily struggles, history, perspective, etc., check it out!

Also, yesterday, Muslim women in London risked Islamophobic violence to stand hand-in-hand on the Westminster Bridge in solidarity with terrorism victims. It continues to suck that Muslim people feel like they have to make a big public show of support for victims of terrorism just because a group of massive assholes claim to be of the same religion even though they don't follow the tenets of Islam like, at all. And also most victims of ISIS terrorism are Muslim. But these women went out there, spent the day that was supposed to be for them showing solidarity to others, and they are awesome.

Thank you, Muslim women, for being so amazing.

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