Thursday, March 23, 2017

Man Casually Tells Police He Raped a Woman During Job Interview

I don't know if it's possible to frame just how ridiculous this in within the confines of a headline of reasonable length. Here's what happened. A guy who wants to become a police officer goes in for a pre-interview thing with current police officers and somehow ended up confessing to raping a woman. The article on this shit doesn't explain how the fuck that happened. I guess it's possible that cops somewhere are actually asking applicants if they've ever committed a sexual assault, or maybe they just asked if he'd ever committed a crime, but why then would he admit to rape?

The only thing I can think of is that police are so fucking awful when it comes to sexual assault that this applicant-rapist was like "no I've never committed a crime, unless you count the time I banged this blackout drunk woman, haha, score, amirite?" I would bet money that that's how it went down. Then he admitted to video taping the assault, and they found the woman and she told them she hadn't consented nor was even aware that this had happened to her.

I'm glad that they at least arrested and charged him, although only with second-degree sexual assault (do men ever get charged with actual rape or is that not a thing?), but everything about this story is indicative of how pervasive rape culture is, and is therefore a giant bummer.

Ray Price will now probably spend a few months in jail and then will be free to become a cop and keep raping women. Again, I bet you money that's what happens. MONEY.

I hate everything.

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