Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Immigrant Detention Centers Are Concentration Camps

I've mentioned a couple times now that CONCENTRATION CAMPS ARE ALREADY HERE HELLO so I thought maybe I should write up some information on why I would say that. Fortunately, black women are out there doing that for me. Even black girls are doing that, including the one and only weavemama, who is 16 years old and already way better than me.

The immigrants are being in a crammed cold cells for more than 72 hours, (DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY’S OWN 2008 GUIDELINES SAY THE CELLS AREN’T MEANT FOR MORE THAN A 12-HOUR PROCESSING PERIOD.) they’re being prevented from wearing extra layers of clothing, they’re woken up every 15 minutes, they’re given little to no medical care when needed, THEY’RE SLEEPING ON TOILET PAPER SO THAT THE CEMENT FLOOR WON’T BE AS UNCOMFORTABLE, they’re being deprived of home-cooked meals, and they’re being sleep deprived.

Please click on the link above the quote to read more and view photos of the conditions these people are kept in. They are routinely kept in these "detention centers" far beyond the amount of time they're supposed to be, and children are imprisoned with parents because they have no other place to go. You may also be interested to know that being sleep deprived to that extent is literally a torture method. They're torturing them if they're waking them up every 15 minutes.

They're sitting on the floor in crowded cages, they're not given blankets, the photos show them sleeping under aluminum foil. It's horrifying.

These conditions are unlivable. People are taken from their homes and thrown in here for indefinite periods of time. These "detention centers" fit the definition of a concentration camp. I'm just waiting for the forced labor to start. OH WAIT.

Forced to work? 60,000 undocumented immigrants may sue detention center.

We let this happen already. We let it happen because they called them "detention centers" and because we convinced ourselves that these people "deserve" it for the "crime" of fleeing horrifying conditions, war, gang violence, and other shit that the U.S. often created with its imperialism and exploitation of other countries. Because it's legal. But it was legal to round up Jewish people in Nazi Germany and they convinced themselves that Jewish people deserved it.

I'm dead serious here. These concentration camps need to be destroyed. Torn down. Burned to the ground. Free these people and make it so they can't be locked up again. Do it before they take it to the next step.

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