Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ICE Still Out There Terrorizing Communities

While we were battling against the rolling back of any progress on health care in this fucked up country, ICE has still been raiding, fucking with, and terrorizing communities in the name of ripping families apart to deport people to dangerous countries where they have nothing. Honestly, how can you be an ICE agent without utterly hating yourself to your very core?

Another person who should have been protected by the DREAM act was arrested by ICE in Portland, Oregon. He was taken from his home after they banged on his door without a warrant, terrifying his family, and thankfully has been released on bond. However, he's still vulnerable to deportation.

The young man, Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez, was brought to the U.S. when he was five years old and is a volunteer pantry manager at a food bank. He also coaches soccer for the kids in his community. But to ICE, because this guy was once caught driving under the influence of "intoxicants" (probably weed), he's a "threat to the community."

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a man who was not even being targeted by ICE was shot by an ICE agent and is currently in the hospital. They were at the residence of Felix Torres because they were reportedly after one of his sons, who is a U.S. citizen. What the fuck where they even doing there? No idea. They won't say. But this incident is just one of a growing number of reports of ICE agent terrorizing citizens and immigrant communities.

An interview with a Yale law professor by Democracy Now tells the story of how ICE has been used to retaliate against communities that try to stand up against deportations.

So, in the city of New Haven in 2006, community organizations, working with students at the law school, developed a set of proposals for policies to make New Haven more welcoming and to improve police-civilian relationships, especially in high immigrant neighborhoods. One of the recommendations from the community was that the city adopt a general-purpose municipal identification card, available to any resident who wanted one. In the spring of 2007, the mayor proposed, and the City Council, which we call the Board of Alders, overwhelmingly approved, the nation’s first general-purpose municipal ID program. 
Forty-eight hours after the vote in City Council, in June of 2007, ICE conducted the largest raid, we believe, in the history of our state. They came in, in the predawn hours. They amassed a force of all federal agents they could find from different agencies all over the state. They swept into Fair Haven, which is a heavily Latino neighborhood in the eastern part of the city, going door to door, apartment to apartment, kicking down doors, pushing their way in, without warrants, without consent. They arrested 32 people in all—parents getting up in the morning, preparing to go to work, to take their children to school. Later, ICE claimed that they were looking for particular dangerous fugitive criminal aliens. But it turned out, of course, that of the 32 people they arrested, almost all of them had never before encountered immigration. They were just bystanders who happened to be living in an apartment where ICE thought someone used to be, or the apartment upstairs or the house next door.

And you can bet that kind of thing is happening now, and will probably increase as decent communities push back against draconian, fascist anti-immigrant and mass deportation policies. Seattle, being a sanctuary city, can expect to see these kinds of intimidation raids in the near future within immigrant communities, if it hasn't already.

I'm still strongly in favor of burning down every immigrant detention center after liberating the civilians inside. Fuck this fascist bullshit, fuck these concentration camps, and fuck ICE.

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