Monday, March 6, 2017

Enough With the Peace Fetishism

Those of you who are regular readers know how I feel about hypocrisy (AHHHHHHHHHH). Well, perhaps the most widespread hypocrisy in the entire U.S. is the knee-jerk reaction to any form of violence to any degree in any protest ever. Unless it happened in the past over tea taxes or it's fictional.

Can someone please explain this to me? Everybody is all about the very violent rebellions found in fiction, whether it's Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or something less nerdy. People cheer at the explosion of the Death Star and write volumes-worth of fan fiction about literally fighting against Death Eaters with magic. Does something need to have the word "death" in it for you to be okay with using violence against it? 

What about all those video games where people play out gorey fantasies about shooting, beating, torturing, stabbing, pistol-whipping, exploding, or generally killing Nazis, but literal neo-Nazis take one punch in the face, get shoved, or just get yelled at pretty loudly, and suddenly this is not cool?

Yes I understand the difference between reality and fiction, but come on, be honest for two seconds. You've not only sympathized with the characters in these pieces of fiction, you've gleefully fantasized about joining these violent rebellions and fighting the bad guys. With physical force, not clever signs and chants.

And it's not just that. People always excuse violence in self-defense in theory or when a white man shoots a black kid, but when oppressed people are defending themselves from a historically horrifically violent ideology, it's not okay? You call a Jewish man yelling "he will not divide us" loudly at a Nazi spouting Nazi propaganda into said Jewish man's camera "violence" but fail to call an actual literal Nazi calling for literal ethnic cleansing violence? Why, because he says in calmly?

Let me be very clear. Violence is necessary to stop the rise of fascism. Those anarchists and antifas you're all constantly complaining about, saying they're "ruining" protests because they burn a limo or break a bank window or, god forbid, punch a Nazi in the face or defend themselves from fascists with guns? We need them. If only because they send an important message: "Either listen to the peaceful protesters or deal with us."

History is repeating itself and peace fetishists/hypocrites are making it happen. Back in Germany when Nazism was originally on the rise, people condemned any form of violence against them and insisted that they be given a platform because "free speech." You saw what happened. Fascists count on us giving them a free platform. They thrive on peace fetishism. And when the time comes, they'll rip your freedom of speech out of your hands and shoot you in the back of the head. Tolerating Nazis creates more Nazis. Too many Nazis get bold and start killing people. It's already happening.

They want you to condemn the anarchists and antifa activists, because those are the people who are willing to do what's necessary to protect all of us from Nazi violence. Anarchists and antifas aren't ruining protests, you are. Stop helping Nazis.

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