Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I know, too much all caps. I'm not sorry.

The thing is, I keep going back and forth from having hope to plunging into a pit of despair and trying to resign myself to the inevitable doom of the human race. For the record, I put good odds on us dying out within the next couple hundred years due to our climate fuckery long before Lord Dampnut was elected, but I thought we had some chance.

Here's my problem:

Some person: "This is a fascist coup. We're all fucked. There's no hope."

Some other person: "That's what he wants you to think! We need to keep protesting and fighting as much as possible in reaction to his executive orders."

Some other other person: "No, THAT'S what he wants you to think! Those order are really a distraction so that he can pass other not as terrible stuff into law while we're freaking out about the first thing."

Some other other other person: "No, don't get bogged down in conspiracy theory stuff! That's what he wants!"


So yeah. That's the reason for all the back and forth. I don't know who to believe. So I think what I'm going to do is just continue to fight what Dampnut and Friends comes up with as it happens because I can't fucking know what their intentions are. They're not gonna tell us. So let's just ride this wave of outrage and protests and try to keep it escalating and if we have to storm the fucking White House and drag them all out by the nose hair and then cast them out of the country on slabs of wood into the Atlantic Ocean, then that's what we'll do. I hope.

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