Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Women's Liberation Front: A Front for Transmisogyny

See what I did there.

Pink News reported yesterday about the Women's Liberation Front or "WoLF," an organization that purports to be one of radical feminism, and how they've teamed up with ultra-conservative groups that want to keep women barefoot in the kitchen, take our birth control away, and make us subservient to men in every way, just to fuck over trans women.

The group, comprised of feminists who do not believe transgender women should be able to access female-only spaces, has got into bed with ultra-conservatives from the Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family, in order to challenge legal anti-discrimination protections for trans people. 
Activists from WoLF have filed a challenge to policies enacted under the Obama administration that extend existing anti-sexism laws to safeguard trans kids in schools from discrimination – and they seem only too happy to join up with their usual enemies to get it done.

Odd for a feminist group that supposedly fights for abortion rights to skip hand-in-hand with extreme anti-choice assholes. Not odd for a feminist group to turn out to be a front for militantly transmisogynistic white women, sadly. And yes, the entire board of directors for WoLF is white women.

I see a lot of TERFs and so-called "radical" feminists demand proof that they've ever hurt trans women. The proof can be found on WoLF's official website. If you go through their past actions, you can see that pretty much 100% of their concrete actions beyond going to protests or already pro-feminist conferences is about fucking over trans women and trans people in general. Not just their pending lawsuit against the U.S. government for expanding Title IX to include trans women, but their attempts to coerce the Midwives Association of North America into reversing recently-changed language in their core competencies document that now used gender-neutral language.

They base this transmisogyny on the idea that somehow, thinking of gender as an identity and allowing people to choose that for themselves instead of something determined by body parts because we said so erases the entire identity of "women" or "girl."

How? Why?

The irony of this in the face of the fact that WoLF's Statement of Principles includes "abolishing gender" and that they talk about how terrible it is that men reduce women to a set a body parts is palpable.

If you want to check out the official WoLF website, you can find an archived version here (so you don't give them traffic). Besides being transmisogynists, they're also SWERFs (sex worker exclusionary).

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