Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Proper Way to Handle Sexual Harassment

This is an extremely satisfying story that I sorely needed to hear.

Princess Nokia ‘punches’ audience member after ‘public display of sexism’ at Cambridge University

The New York rapper performed at a charity fashion show on 15 February but left the stage after three songs, according to a post on the university’s forum for women and non-binary people of colour, Fly, when a white male student “harassed her during her performance” and mouthed “dirty obscenities like, show me your tits.’” 
The rapper, real name Destiny Frasqueri, allegedly asked the audience member if he was being “disrespectful” before adding, “I’m so sorry, but when a white boy disrespects you, you punch him in the fucking face.”

Oh, Princess Nokia. Don't be sorry. Never be sorry for punching disrespectful white boys in the face.

The post on Fly, written by Richelle George and Jason Okundaye, described meeting Frasqueri after the event, who regretted that the set had ended abruptly but said the incident had put her in a position “where her safety and comfort were severely compromised”. The post added that she had a “‘zero tolerance’ stance towards ‘instances of sexism and sexual harassment’”, and called the incident “a disgraceful public display of sexism and misogynoir.”

This woman is now my favorite. Excuse me while I go listen to all of her songs on Spotify all day long.

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