Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Admittedly, the last one didn't go so well. But now, the organizers of the Women's March have announced their intentions to hold a general strike. I've heard of a couple different strikes being planned, but people have pointed out that general, one-day strikes tend not to be effective unless there's a lot of planning and organizing behind it. They've suggested getting union leaders, experts in effective striking, involved. This needs to go right.

Unfortunately, there's no information yet. Just a social media announcement with an image and the text "The will of the people will stand."

I hope the "date to be announced" is far in the future. We need the same amount of planning time and time to spread the word as we had for the March, at least. It needs to be huge to get people to pay attention, and it's not going to be viable for everyone. It's important to recognize that many people can't afford to miss a day of work for anything short of an emergency. Maybe not even that. This is where those of us with more privilege can really step up. If I'm still in my contract when the strike happens, I'll be participating. I'm sure they'll have ways for those who can't miss work to participate.


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