Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Standing Rock Camps to Be "Evacuated" Tomorrow

In this case, "evacuated" means that the protesters there will be forcibly removed and likely harmed/arrested if they do not leave willingly.

The governor of North Dakota has once again issued an evacuation order, and with the lessened attention on Standing Rock and without even the tacit "support" of the Obama administration, it's very likely that they will go through with it. This could be the last stand of the Standing Rock water protectors. Many people left during the worst of the harsh winter and I don't know if enough veterans have returned to make any kind of a difference. With media attention being constantly wholly taken up by Lord Dampnut's unrelenting fuckery, I doubt even the help of veterans will be enough to stop this assault.

I don't know for sure what's going to happen. I don't know how many people are still there. All I've seen reported is that those left are currently surrounded by militarized police. I'm afraid for their safety and general well-being. I'm deeply saddened that their monumental efforts and months of sacrifice seem to have been for nothing. I hate that this will be yet another assault upon the people that we white invaders committed genocide upon, enslaved, and continually shat upon for centuries. 

All I can do now is remind every person who reads this to make sure to include Native Americans and all indigenous persons in their activism, in social justice, and in the fight against bigotry. They have suffered so much under us white people. I hope that some day we will give them back the land that is rightfully theirs and put them in charge of the fate of the nation. I consider that to be the only fair option.

You can see possibly the last pleading message of the water protectors here:

If you have the ability and wanted to stand with the water protectors against yet further invasion and imperialist violence, please go now. If you can make it by tomorrow, please go. Part of me wants to drop everything and go, but I just don't have the resources to make it in time.

My heart is with them. I'm sorry we failed you again.

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