Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recommended Reading

As always, Ijeoma Oluo has it in the bag. She's looking out for me.

Fuck this White Dude Game Theory

This is just a quick blog post about all the people out there who are writing up their depressing theories about how we're being tricked into protesting and engaging in political action that are confusing the hell out of me while sometimes draining all the hope from my already dried up husk of a soul.

This is her message:

But even if we DID know what was going to happen next, even if we did have the entire master plan laid out for us — there is NOTHING in that plan that would make getting out into these streets, protesting, boycotting, resisting with everything you have not the right answer.

If you're feeling drained by all this confusing crap or are in need of a hope boost, go read the entire thing. She has effectively solidified my resolve of what needs to be done. She's right. Throughout history, No matter how diabolical the white dudes who have been oppressing people and fucking with shit have been, there has been none that couldn't be taken down by a large uprising of the people. Keep doing what you're doing. Deal with your own fatigue as it comes - rest up and then get back into the fight. We can do this.

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