Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reasons Why Not to Make Anti-Semitic Jokes

Remember before it was oh-so-cool to do that thing where you say something or do something as offensive as possible because you think it's funny that people get upset about it and you call that a joke? Remember when Jewish centers weren't getting bomb threats every week and we didn't have all these reports of Nazi propaganda being posted, swastikas being drawn all over everything with anti-Jewish imagery, and Jewish cemeteries being vandalized and graves being desecrated?

Remember when we spent years trying to convince professional assholes like PewDiePie that doing horrible anti-semitic shit and calling it a joke would eventually lead to an increase in anti-semitic hate crimes and embolden existing Nazis and create more bigots?

I fully expect to be an old woman and see this all happen again and I'll be like "I was there and these 'trolls' led us right into the fall of the U.S. into fascism and the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-semitic holocaust of the 21st century" and everyone's gonna be like "shut up grandma."

Anyway, here's more reports of Nazi activity and anti-semitic hate crimes and terrorism:

‘Stand together against this bigotry’: Another Jewish cemetery vandalized and again Muslims reach out to help

“It’s the lowest of the low, the fact that someone can be that cowardly to bully dead people,” he said. “What really hurt me yesterday was there was a Jewish chaplain and he was really distraught and he just said, ‘I never imagined we could be hurt this way as a community. That this is the way they’d try to hurt us as Jews.'”

Nazis are the most cowardly and pathetic of bigots.

Close to home:

Police: Bomb threat evacuates Mercer Island Jewish community center

‘It’s terrifying’ - Anti-Semitic graffiti found on two Ballard buildings

Nazi groups are alive and well in Seattle. They need to be rooted out and put down.

And if you're looking at these reports and are still defending shitheads like PewDiePie, so do you.

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