Thursday, February 2, 2017

[UPDATED] Police Burn Down Standing Rock Camp

UPDATE: There are now reports coming in that although a large number of water protectors were arrested during this time (76, actually, not 60), nothing was burned by the police. The photo that was used in Alternative Media Syndicate of tepees burning is from a movie and has been removed. It remains true that police brutality is still occurring at Standing Rock and the water protectors need support.

As Lord Dampnut has cancelled the environmental assessment of the Dakota Access Pipeline, clearing the way for its completion, and as the rest of us have pretty much forgotten about it, North Dakota police have raided a Standing Rock water protector camp and burned it down. You can see video of the aftermath from Johnny Danger. You can see the smoke from the fires. According to Kandi Mossett, 60 people were also arrested for being on private property despite the fact that they, you know, were not.

People are still out there, in the frozen cold, trying to defend their land and water from an invasive and illegal pipeline that will almost certainly leak. They've taken every abuse you can imagine and the police are still doing this to them. It's disgusting and horrible. I really hope the veterans can come back and help them defend their land, but even then I don't see how they can stop it. Of course, indigenous peoples have been much more successful at this kind of thing than white people ever have been.

On another front, Seattle is now just one vote away from divesting from Wells Fargo, a bank funding the DAPL construction. The final vote may be the toughest, but it looks good. It's to take place this coming Monday. This seems unlikely to stop the construction, but it will show that divestment from a large city is possible. That's $3 billion taken away from Wells Fargo. They can't take too many hits like that.

Remember that the most oppressed always get the worst of it. I have little doubt that this sudden and unnecessary aggression from police was inspired by Dampnut's executive order to go ahead with the DAPL construction. If you were thinking of going to Standing Rock to join the fight before, now is an even better time.

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