Friday, February 3, 2017

Gross Overripe Mango Trolled By Women Everywhere

Yes, I am talking about our president.

In another bit of terrible news today, it was leaked from the White House that Lord Dampnut sent a gross note to female staffers telling them to "dress like a woman," which apparently equals wearing dresses and I'm sure other unnecessarily gendered clothing and accessories. Gee, is it 1952 already?

The good news is professional women are taking this and running with it via the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman, using that to tweet photos of themselves in doctor's scrubs, military and police uniform (I don't support either of those but I still support any "fuck you" to Dampnut), space suits, judges robes, and regular suits. There are also some great photos of women in garb that Dampnut would likely considered not to be "for women," but women are fucking rocking that shit anyway.

I mean:

*Long exhale* I'm in love.

But it's still incredibly gross that Dampnut is expecting female staffers to be visually appealing to him. Make no mistake, this is about him being a creepy orange old man who thinks women exist to please men at all times, including being eye candy at work. I hate that guy and I hope he dies miserable.

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