Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: The Real Issues

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Text by Eleanor Robertson: "thought I'd check in on /pol/ after milo's disgrace and I see they are, as always, focused on the issues that matter"
Screenshot of a 4chan or 8chan post with many replies that includes an image of one of those small shopping carts. 
Screenshot text: "Have you notices that these little cuck carts are starting to appear in stores across the US more now? I think that it is a sign that there are more single people shopping for themselves than shopping for a family. How can we stop the cuck cart phenomenon?"


It's like peering into an alien world on these forums. Being single makes you a cuck now? Because that means that a strong majority of the people who post there...

No use trying to make sense out of it. I'm just going to keep laughing. Cuck carts.

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