Monday, February 6, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: Fake Petitions and Breitbart is Screwed

The alt-blight is at it again, trying to collect intel on their enemies. That's us! According to Antifa International, Richard Spencer and his collection of viruses have started a petition on This is dangerous not only because we don't want them to have any information about us, but because they obviously have no qualms about doxxing. They could easily publish the list of everyone who signs the petition.

Antifa International didn't say which petition it is, probably because Nazis are watching and would just make a new petition. All they said is not to sign any petitions regarding antifa. This should probably extend to any petition that can be made by everyday people. Make sure to check. Also make sure to actually read the language of the petition. If it seems unusual, over the top, or is directly about Richard Spencer or denouncing the "alt-right," exercise caution. Don't give information like your real address or phone number.

In good news, the Independent is reporting that 818 advertisers have abandoned Breitbart over the controversy. It's annoying to infuriating that they waited until the horrifically racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, ableist, fat hating Nazi publication got bad press to leave, but it's still satisfying. That is a LOT of advertisers, and a lot of lost money. It also tells us we're doing a damn good job. Keep demanding that companies drop any association with white supremacists.

It also very much gives me hope. The number of companies, including massive corporations, that are taking a stand against Nazism, including Breitbart and Dampnut, tells me that they made their move too soon. They're going to lose too much financial support and collapse. But only if we keep fighting hard.

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