Friday, February 17, 2017

A Perfect Example of How Much Men Hate Women Who Speak Up

Whoa, bro.

Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

"Shatters" isn't the right word there. Here's a photo of the table:

Still, that's pretty well cracked. And if it's normally used to gavel on, I'm guessing that can't be easy to do.

Hennessy verbally shredded Sen. Huffines bill against second-trimester abortions. Her voice shook with anger as she scolded lawmakers for openly putting women in danger. 
"Ms. Hennessy —" Schwertner interrupted a minute into her testimony. "Your time is done." 
But Hennessy went on, saying, "I urge you to all stop playing with reproductive health care like it's your own political puppet." That's when Schwertner dropped the gavel — so hard that he shattered the glass table before him.  
"Your time is done," he repeated.

I love that he just repeats that instead of acknowledging the fact that he BROKE THE FUCKING TABLE.

Cis "pro-life" men have always been violently opposed to letting women and other people who can get pregnant speak on behalf of their own bodily autonomy. People go over their speaking time limits all the time, you don't need to break a fucking table about it, damn. For example, the "pro-life" speaker who had just been up went for double the amount of their allotted time, and nothing was broken over it!

I think this just shows that men, particularly cis "pro-life" men, are too emotional to be allowed into a leadership position. Also, if the table breaking was just a coincidence, I think that actually means that god is pro-choice.

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