Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welp, Donald's Gonna Be Impeached

So I'm sure you've heard about Donald's golden showers already. Then today, it came out that John McCain delivered the information about the pee parties to the FBI himself. It's looking like certain predictions are going to come true. This isn't the thing that Donald should be impeached for, and I don't know if it's an actual impeachable offense, but I have no doubt that this information is being spread to turn what's left of public opinion against him to make impeachment seem not only reasonable, but absolutely necessary. Donald's approval numbers are already tanking, and he's still got nine days to go before he's actually president.

People always go right for "but then we'll have President Pence!" whenever leftists talk about Donald getting impeached (or assassinated - either is fine with me). And yes, we will. But we would have had President Pence anyway, essentially. Remember when Donald straight up said he'd give most of the policy making work to Pence? Because Donald hates actually working? Now at least Mike "Electroshock the Gay Out" Pence won't be able to hide behind a scapegoat.

Also, I think there's a major benefit to the impeachment of Donald in and of itself. By electing him, we sent the message that his kind of abhorrent behavior and overt, loud bigotry is not only acceptable, but not at all a barrier to the most powerful position in the entire fucking nation (well, not really, but you know). Impeachment will have some effect of walking back that message, I hope. Plus, we won't have a president getting into Twitter fights with the Chinese government.

Yes, things will still be total shit. No, I don't think impeaching Donald will save the country from collapse. But at the very least, it'll be satisfying as fuck and a blow to the emboldened white supremacists and neo-Nazis who love him so much. Try to enjoy the small victories.

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