Thursday, January 12, 2017

This is How You Use Hate Crime Laws

The state I live in isn't perfect and is not some tolerant utopia where racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, etc. don't exist (trust me) but I do have some pride in the area that I happened to be born in. Because we sometimes do things right.

White Center woman charged with hate-crime after ‘Spanish privilege' rant on Facebook Live

A King County woman was charged with a hate crime after allegedly posting a video on Facebook that prosecutors say shows her tailing a Hispanic woman in her car, railing against the other driver for having "Spanish privilege" and threatening to ram her vehicle. 
Sandra Jametski, 48, of White Center, was has been held on $500,000 bail since early December, charged with malicious harassment, the state's hate crime statute. Jametski is also known as Sandra Diann Huddleson. 
King County prosecutors said Jametski followed a neighbor as the neighbor drove to her child's school and that she recorded her racist rant on her phone.

I'm happy both about that fact that Washington's hate crime laws are being used properly - to protect the oppressed from their oppressors - and the fact that this dangerous, racist harassment and stalking is being appropriately punished. Can you imagine how terrifying something like that would be? If someone was tailgating you all the way to your child's school, angrily ranting into a phone? And it makes it so much worse in a white supremacist country when it's a white woman harassing you and you're not only a person of color, but of a race that has recently been targeted by the nation's president elect.

A lot of people still don't take harassment seriously if it doesn't involve direct physical violence. But this woman was being violent and threatening violence, and I'm so glad that she's facing appropriate consequences. More of this, please.

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