Tuesday, January 31, 2017

They're Coming for Your Internet

If there's one thing that I think almost all of us can get behind, from us SJW leftists to "alt-right" Nazi trolls, it's net neutrality. We all want to be able to get where we want to go on the Internet without restriction or having to pay more to get to certain sites. That freedom is very important to us, whether we use it for good or for evil.

And I want every single person who voted for Donald to know. He's coming for it.

I know that no matter how many boxes on the fascist checklist that Donald marks off, some people won't admit that he's a fascist and will keep telling the rest of us that we're "overreacting" up until the moment that his fascism affects you. And I want you to know now that that moment is coming. It's clear as day, it's coming.

Donald Trump Wants to Close Off Parts of the Internet

From Bannon's Breitbart: Trump Is Right About 'Shutting Down' Parts Of The Internet

Trump Reportedly Picks Fierce Net Neutrality Opponent to Head FCC

They may try to shut down the entire Internet at first before simply killing net neutrality while we're all freaking out about the first thing, or they'll just do it quietly, bit by bit. But they'll come for it. As a fascist clearly orchestrating an anti-democratic coup of the U.S. government, he's coming for all of your rights.

He'll take down or invalidate or ignore ever bit of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights until all you have left are your guns, maybe. And even if you still do have your guns, they won't save you. If you defy him, your collection of AR-17s won't save you when he sends a tank to knock on your door or drone-strikes your house while you're on the toilet.

I hope you're fucking happy. You handed the country over to fascist dictators. Thanks.

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