Friday, January 13, 2017

Russia is Decriminalizing Domestic and Child Abuse

This is not a drill. The same woman who introduced the horrific anti-gay and anti-trans bill that's resulted in a massive escalation of violent hate crimes against LGBT+ people in Russia introduced a bill to make assault by a parent, spouse, or other family member a lesser crime punishable only by a fine or a small amount of jail time.

The Moscow Times explains that the bill would change Russia's Criminal Code. "Battery within families" would be recategorized as an administrative offense instead of a criminal offense, unless it occurs multiple times a year. The bill was proposed by conservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina, who began the process in 2016 after Presiden Vladimir Putin reclassified other forms of assault and battery that "did not cause actual bodily harm." Mizulina was adamant that criminalizing familial violence goes against traditional family values and blocks parents' rights to beat their children.

Parents' rights to beat their children. Not only is that a phrase that multiple people have had to speak and type in the year 20-fucking-17, it's coming from the country that the man who will be made president of the U.S. in one week has said is super great and he's glad that its ruler is so fond of him.

So I guess we can expect the same in the U.S. in the next couple years. Probably first it'll be the homophobic and trans phobic legislation and then they'll move on to making the beating of women and children a no biggie as long as you're related to them somehow and it doesn't happen too much.

Even Barry wouldn't vote in favor of a law like that. Not that the head of the KGB gets a vote NEVERMIND WHATEVER.


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