Monday, January 2, 2017

RIP Carrie Fisher

Of course, when the shitfest that was 2016 was almost over (and I was on blog vacation), Carrie Fisher was taken from us. Princess Leia was an early feminist hero for me, and later, when I learned how awesome Carrie Fisher was, she became a hero of mine as a real person. Carrie Fisher is everything this blog represents and what I aspire to be - a total in your face, take no shits, doesn't give a fuck-a-thon. She was utterly unapologetic. She refused to put up with misogynistic bullshit, took down assholes with an amazing sense of humor, was up front about her mental illness, and only became more perfect with age. Which she was also up front and unapologetic about.

When I was a little girl, even in the decently progressive 90's, there weren't a whole lot of female characters to look up to. Very early on, I noticed how women were treated differently in media. Female characters were sparse and often used as eye candy for the straight male audience, as romantic fodder for the straight male protagonists, or killed off to motivate the straight male protagonists. I hated how often women were portrayed as weak or less capable and damseled. Almost every princess story was a massive disappointment.

But Princess Leia was different. Yes, she was rescued by men, but she was fearless in the face of the enemies who had captured her, fearless in the face of her own death, and when she was broken out of her cell, she immediately took charge and saved their lives with her quick thinking and boldness. And she wasn't afraid to go into the trash compactor, unlike her whiny male "rescuers."

And yes, it was gross that they put her in a bikini and chains. I hated seeing her like that, as yet more eye candy for the straight dudes. But then she used her chains to choke a giant slug alien who had basically ruled an entire planet, again using her wits to see that in the chaos, no one would notice and come to Jaba's aid. And she was physically strong enough to do it. After that, it was back to her dressing like a normal human being.

It's a tragedy that we won't get to see her finish her role as General Organa. Or be hilarious on Twitter. But her legacy is still incredible and I'm glad she gets to rest. And bonus, she never has to see Donald become president.

Thank you, Carrie Fisher, for being an inspiration to me, for being a feminist role model, and for giving me hope that I could one day give absolute zero fucks about what men think of me. If I had one wish, it would be to force George Lucas to weep for forgiveness at your grave for being a gross dude and telling you that you couldn't wear a bra with your Leia costume because there is no underwear in space. At least everyone hates him now.

Rest in peace, space mom. We love you.

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