Friday, January 6, 2017

Prepare for the Next Depression

I mean the next economic depression. If you're like me, you're already depressed right now hahahahaha anyway.

So we all remember how George W. Bush fucked the economy and sent us into the so called "Great Recession" (it was a depression). Well, Donald is worse. Donald makes W. Bush seem like a great guy. He wasn't, but, you know.

It's going to hit sooner than you think. I was one of the super lucky Millennials who graduated college pretty much exactly at the point when the economy was at its worst and unemployment was ridiculous. I had to enter the adult world with the knowledge that every resume I sent out had to compete with about 5,000 other resumes because nobody was hiring and everybody needed a job. At the same time, every generation older than us was like "why haven't you gotten a job yet lol just walk into a grocery store and ask for one and they'll hand you a mop you entitled little shit." Which, of course, was no longer true. In fact, if you went into a grocery store to ask about work, they'd chase you out with a mop and blacklist you and you'd never get hired at any of their stores ever.

It wasn't easy for me or anyone I know to contend with the idea that our American Dreams would be significantly delayed. Every year it's a new wave of "why don't I have a decent job yet why don't I have a house yet why am I still living paycheck to paycheck when the fuck does adult life come together." Then Trump got elected, and I had to actually grieve because I realized that the life I'd always imagined for myself, as modest as it had become, would likely never come to be. Instead, things are probably going to become harder.

Yesterday, 60 percent of the employees at the company I'm working for were laid off. I and most of the contract employees hired for the current project were spared because we have a project that needs to get done. Every other department was cut down to the bare bones. It was horrific. The regular employees got one night of notice that this was going to happen (we contractors weren't told at all), and then they got to sit around and wait to see if that pink slip arrived. There was a lot of crying.

It's yet another reminder than in today's America, there is no such thing as job security anymore. But it's also a bleak sign of things to come. Someone I know via Tumblr works in HR, and they told me that this has been happening in more and more companies recently. They're anticipating another economic crash. CEOs are brutally "reorganizing" their companies to save as much money as possible before the next round of trickle down bullshit plus whatever the fuck else Donald drags us through that will be even worse for the economy than W. Bush, including pissing off China and pulling out of NATO.

Of course, by doing so, they're going to create an economic crash. Things are already spiraling and I don't think there's anything that can stop it at this point. Not sorry for being so bleak. I'm here to warn you and tell you to prepare for the worst.

The "Great Recession" changed the landscape of the U.S. working world. Benefits are shittier, there's no company loyalty anymore because there's no job security, and everyone just wants to hire contract employees to avoid having to provide benefits. Unemployment may look low again, but there are still so many people who gave up trying to get a job altogether, particularly those near retirement age. My dad is one of them. He was never able to get re-hired into the tech industry because younger people can be hired for cheaper and for shittier benefits and they won't be retiring any time soon (or maybe ever lol). And the jobs that are available are worse. More low-paying service industry jobs, more contract jobs, and every one of them demands full availability and willingness to pretty much do anything for the company, fuck your personal life.

That's what we managed to claw back under President Obama. It's going to get so much worse under Donald. Things are not going back to how they used to be. I have no hope of ever getting a house now. I feel like my best future is renting a house with a bunch of other people, trying our best to survive by buying in bulk and making large meals in turns to feed everybody, maybe having sewing parties to fix our torn clothes to save money like it's the fucking 1930's. We'll find happiness, but it won't be like it was. It'll be hard. I can almost guarantee it.

I'm really fighting the urge to say sorry. Instead, I'll say this. I hate that this happened and I'm saddened that things are so likely to be hard for you. It makes me sad to say these things and I don't want to. I don't want to bring you down, but this is what I believe and I want people to be ready for it. I don't want anyone to be caught unaware and suffer more than they have to. We can come together and be happy and survive and fight, and the better prepared we are for the shit that's coming the better we'll be able to do that.

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