Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More Good News

I honestly did not think this would happen, but Chelsea Manning's sentence has been mostly commuted. She only has to do five more months in prison and then she'll be freed. Instead of staying in a men's prison until 2045, in and out of solitary confinement, very likely killing herself from the torture.

Chelsea Manning never should have been imprisoned in the first place. She is a whistleblower who gave up everything and literally risked her life to expose wrongdoing within our government. She is a hero who should have been rewarded and protected. Instead, she was betrayed and thrown into a men's prison despite the fact that she is a woman, exposing her to the extreme risk of sexual assault, regular assault, and death. That's she survived to this point is a miracle, and the fact that she will soon be free is nothing short of astounding. I am as happy for her as I am angry for her that she saw even a single day in prison.

Obama, you should have ensured that she was not convicted of anything, let alone put in prison, let alone in a men's prison. This commutation comes extremely late. Shame on you for putting her through that much suffering. You don't deserve thanks for pulling her back from the hell that you put her in for years.

Thank you to everyone who fought for Chelsea Manning. This commutation has saved her life. You saved her life. Thank you.

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