Monday, January 23, 2017

Here Comes Fascism!

One of the most alarming aspects of Trump's first actions of his presidency is his condemnation of what he called an "anti-police atmosphere" in the country. Make no mistake, this is a very specific and classic sign of a burgeoning fascist regime. It's also a terrifying and intense threat to everyone who is most vulnerable to police violence, including trans women, disabled and neuroatypical individuals, and black people.

One of President Donald Trump’s first promises as leader of the free world is to “empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence,” according to a statement on the new White House website. 
“The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration. President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public,” reads the issue brief published on Friday. “The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.”

He also spoke in clear support of the genocidal "war on drugs" during his inaugural address, talking vaguely about "drugs and gangs." Fearmongering about a specter of "crime" and "disorder" is a classic fascist move, as is catering to and empowering violent and out-of-control police forces. If this doesn't terrify you, pick up a history book or do some Wikipedia reading on current and past fascist regimes.

Next comes severe persecution of drug users and people struggling with addiction, mass arrests, increases in the prison population, a continuation of terrible prison conditions, and the general bolstering of the prison industrial complex with mainly people of color who are then forced into slave labor.

Wait, that's already all been happening for decades, LOL. But expect it to get much worse. They will reverse every little bit of progress we made toward a decent society,

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