Monday, January 30, 2017

Fighting Back Works


I was feeling really down about how rapidly the McDuck administration was stripping away human rights and environmental protections and everything else good. However, the response to his bullshit has been just as rapid, and it's been intense.

Airport Protests Grow at Int’l Airports With Cries of ‘SHUT IT DOWN!’

It's not just the protesting (which DID shut the airports down). The actions of activists and lawyers got many of the people detained at airports released, then a judge issued an emergency stay on the executive order banning Muslims from the U.S., the chancellor of Germany called up Donald to straight up be like "um dude you can't do that," and the administration is already rolling back the order. And protests are still going on.

Jay Inslee, the governor of my state, spoke to the people of Washington about his anger and disgust around the Muslim ban, saying that he hoped "common sense and humanity" could be restored soon. He called the White House and the attorney general to try and figure out how he could fix the situation at Seatac Airport. Celebrities of all kinds are denouncing this horribly racists and unconstitutional ban.

We can fight. We can push back the bigotry and fascism coming out of the White House right now. With lawyers and the ACLU fighting back against unconstitutional bullshit and plenty of judges who aren't outright fascists, we may be able to stop the worst of it. But we can't stop fighting just because we win small victories like the emergency stay or the green card exception. This may be part of a plan to hit us hard with some really terrible bigoted shit and then hope we'll be satisfied with something a little less bigoted. The total amount of Islamophobia that is acceptable in our government is zero.

This is giving me hope that some overall good can come out of the Trumpacolypse. I think a lot of us have been weighed down for a long time by a feeling like we can't fight the state, that no amount of protests or outrage will convince those in power of anything. And I mean long before Donald was elected. It seemed like too many people were complacent and both political parties knew it. But maybe this was the push we needed. Maybe we'll be spurred into enough action, maybe it'll keep going, and maybe the rich people who own this country will be afraid.

It absolutely sucks that it came to this, but if we can get anything good out of it (assuming we survive), we have to go for it.

I didn't go to any protests this weekend. I'm trying to save my energy for protests at calmer periods when there hasn't just been a horrible executive order that's completely unconstitutional and hateful. Keep coming out, keep showing up, as much as you can.

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