Monday, January 16, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: So Very, Very Fragile

Apparently, an entire neo-Nazi media outlet has crashed and burned because its followers found out that the founder's wife is Jewish.

Hold on.

Neo-Nazi media outlet collapses after fellow racists discover the founder’s wife is Jewish

As Salon reports, neo-Nazi icon Mike Enoch — the pseudonym used by the man who created the pro-white nationalist website The Right Stuff — has resigned from his role at the website after being outed by rivals as a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich. 
The real shocker, however, wasn’t the identity of Peinovich, but the identity of his wife, who happens to be a Jewish woman. This is particularly surprising because Peinovich often makes “jokes” about the Holocaust on his podcast, where he also regularly talks about killing Jewish people.

How fucking fragile do you have to be to fall apart because someone happens to be Jewish? I know I keep saying that the fight against the "alt-right" is serious and that they're dangerous but god damn. The fragility.

I guess they're kind of like some kind of swarming insect. Dangerous because they multiply fast and are good at attacking in hordes, but it's real easy to disrupt the nest and have the entire hive collapse. I feel bad, though, for comparing these pieces of shit to important insects like bees and ants. Our pollinators and ant colonies deserve better.

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