Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: More Breitbarters in the White House

According to Breitbart, Breitbart National Security Editor and guy who could not look more like a villain in a Die Hard movie Dr. Sebastian Gorka is joining Trump's administration, likely as a part of the National Security Council. I guess because obsessing for years over a misunderstanding of the term "jihad" makes you qualified for that. Haha, there I go, acting as though qualifications matter to Trump or his coalition of action movie bad guys.

Seriously, though, this guy could not be more Islamophobic. This is terrifying for Muslim Americans, immigrants, and refugees. Every single thing he publishes is something about "jihad" and connecting unrelated crap to "jihad."

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: After January 20, America Must 'Jettison Political Correctness' to 'Inoculate Ourselves' Against Jihad 
America is Losing the War Against Sunni Jihadists and Empowering The Shia Caliphate 
Obama's Reign of Error: How America Lost its Way and is Losing the War Against Jihad (part 3) 
Shilling for the Jihadis: NYT and WaPo Stand with the Muslim Brotherhood

And don't forget his book: "Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War"

This guy really has a one-track mind. He really takes that Islamophobia thing literally. I can't imagine what kind of policies he's gonna be pushing.

We absolutely need to be fighting against the appointment of this dude. He's a huge threat to both Muslims and national security, because he's clearly more interesting in scapegoating the people that the U.S. has been mercilessly drone bombing for years than focusing on, you know, reality. Even if we can't make Trump listen to us, we've already demonstrated that we can scare his picks away.

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