Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: Infighting Ahoy

The one good thing about having opponents who have no moral integrity and are basically just a bunch of white men with reaaaaaaaally fragile egos and only care about themselves is that they're very prone to self-destructive infighting. They had an ambitious common goal in electing Trump, but now that they've had some success, their differences are coming forward again. This is bound to happen with any organization or movement, but again, super fragile people get super destructive when threatened.

Trigger warning for ableist slurs at the link and in the quote:

No Honor Among Trolls: 'The Right Stuff' Gets Doxed By Their Own 'Movement'

It all started when Red Ice Radio hosted a discussion with the pseudonymous “Reactionary Jew” asking if reactionaries Jews had any place in the alt-right. Many meme hardened Nazi keyboard warriors were angered that the question was even being considered, and took to the alt-right Internet to denounce Red Ice’s capitulation to the Jewish agenda. Some regular posters from the 504ums (the private forum of The Right Stuff, home to The Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation, and our old pal Ghoul) took the side of Red Ice in the face of these attacks. 
This was enough to set off a trollstorm on other boards, leading to TRS heavies, including Mike Enoch (founder of TRS), Seventh Son, and Bulbasaur, to be roundly accused of being soft on Jews and gays, of using message boards to “shill” for their own site (based simply on a few folks having shared some links), and of course, of being secret Jews or gays themselves. This touched off a puerile feud between boards, consisting mostly of idiotic trolling, immature accusations, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Yikes. Apparently a policy of addressing any real or perceived slight with troll storms, doxxing, and DDoS attacks isn't the best.

Anyway, It's Going Down took the opportunity to record the information spread by the internal doxxing so that the rest of us can protect ourselves from dangerous people. The two in question live in Nashville, TN and Fishkill, NY, so if you're in those areas, you're going to want to check that out.

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