Monday, January 9, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: Howard Dean Punches Breitbart Right in the Face

Okay not literally. The actual Breitbart is dead so it would be a little inappropriate and gross to punch him. What Howard Dean has done is launch an already successful campaign to get advertisers to drop, unofficial headquarters of the "alt-lite" as the more hardcore white supremacists would call it.

Howard Dean rallies the Internet with plan to ‘destroy’ Breitbart — and it’s already working

I've been pretty negative and apocalypse-preachy lately, so I'll say this. These "alt-right" white supremacist Nazi fascists are a vocal minority. They're still dangerous so don't you fucking dare get complacent on me. But wake enough people up to their fucked-upness and they can be easily overrun. Dean's rallying gives me some hope that people can be woken up and spurred into action against these bigoted pieces of shit. And as lukewarm as many major corporations can be about any kind of real activism, it fortunately doesn't take that much of a push to get them to pull their ads from actual white supremacist websites.

The tactic has been surprisingly successful, according to Sleeping Giants. Zappos, 3M, Patagonia and Warby Parker have all reportedly pulled their ads. Conservatives threatened to boycott Kellogg’s after it became one of the first advertisers to ban Breitbart. But the company received unexpected public relations and sales benefits when people opposed to fake news started an effort to donate Kellogg’s products to soup kitchens.


I'm still expecting the U.S. to fall as a world power, but that doesn't mean all hell will break loose. Maybe we'll be better off without that kind of power. Maybe we can be like those Scandinavian countries - not world powers but still doing awesome in terms of economy and citizen happiness. And we can do it while being decently diverse instead of almost all white people.

I'm still gonna prepare for the worst, but shit like this gives me a little bit of hope. Most people do not like the alt-right and do not want to fund them or be associated with them. Big corporations will need to go or else the world is fucked, but their pulling out of fascist websites means they believe that the majority of their customers are against the alt-right.

Just don't get complacent. DO NOT.

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