Friday, January 27, 2017

Alt-Right Watch: Antifa Medic Shot By Nazi in Seattle


Inauguration Day and the Women's March overshadowed the shooting and critically wounding of an anti-fascist medic and peacekeeper during a scuffle outside of the auditorium where Micro Acidophilus (I refuse to spell his name correctly but you can find it in the linked story), pathetic troll that nobody likes and Trump supporter despite being gay, was being allowed to speak for some reason. This was at the main University of Washington campus in Seattle, the place I have lived near for my entire life. So of course there was a large protest against this guy's troll ramblings that were invited by some campus Republican group, including a large showing of newly-activated antifa. 

Antifa are of course not against using physical acts to defend themselves and their homes, and therefore a couple fights broke out with Nazi fucks, and one of these Nazis whipped out a gun and shot this medic peacekeeper, then had the gall to claim self-defense.

And if you needed anymore evidence that police, including the SPD, are white supremacist footsoldiers, the police let the shooter go with no charges.

Washington is not a "stand your ground" state. Also, guns are not allowed on any UW campus. But this fucking Nazi is being let off. Meanwhile, a UW professor is being hit with intense harassment including death and rape threats because of his involvement in organizing the protest against Meato Flyingoffthebus' talk.

In addition to attacking me on the internet, they have taken actions to reduce my sense of physical safety on campus as well as to affect my professional relationships with my departmental colleagues. They have spammed my UW email account with listserve confirmations; they know where my office is in addition to my office hours; and I have started to receive packages to my departmental mailbox, some of which hinted to include Pepe the frog figurines (an image often sent to victims of online harassment). A list of various professors’ emails from my own department — especially my chair’s — were slated to send in “honest letters by the community,” asking for my removal as an instructor. There is even a post that is attempting to find the bus that I ride in order to further harass me. And, I later learned that night that they know my biological mother’s personal information. 
What is perhaps most alarming is that one of the 4chan commenters is seemingly a student on UW’s campus. I was able to determine this, because they posted the following in identifying me: “UWfag I remember seeing this guy all the time. He was an instructor for spanish before my math class last winter. Can confirm. Span 103 section c.” I have no idea who this person could be, which makes me more than scared to continue teaching at this moment. In fact, I have another friend and colleague who taught for me on Monday. Not only could I put myself at risk but also my students by entering into my own classroom. It is incredibly easy to find which course I teach now, at what time, and where. This person could walk into my room tomorrow and shoot me and my students. 

And what has the UW leadership done about this, you ask? Fuck all.

I have written President Cauce asking for her support as well as UW protections. I hope she will do what she can, despite her more than disappointing response of “Sent to campus police and student life. So sorry you are experiencing this.” Signed with not her name, but “Sent from my iPad.


Meanwhile again, do you know who has been charged with criminal assault and harassment? Shia LaBeouf, for yelling "he will not divide us" loudly in the face of a Nazi who went up to Shia's camera and said shit like "1488," which is code for a popular Nazi slogan and "heil Hitler" and then going on to start reciting the Nazi slogan into the camera. Shia (who is Jewish, by the way) attempted to drive away the actual fucking Nazi who was fucking up his video by getting into the guy's face, leaning over him, and screaming "he will not divide us" along with the chant of the crowd.

Now, this may technically be seen as assault and/or harassment, but I think it's fucking priceless that he gets arrested for this when actually shooting a peacekeeper results in zero charges and so much shit that is way more violent than yelling and leaning over someone has been dismissed as totally not violent when a fucking white supremacist, Nazi, fascist or whatever did it.

This is where we've gotten ourselves to. Nazis are let off with no charges for things far more violent than Jewish and other anti-Nazi people are arrested and charged for. The police and the justice system are not on our side and never have been.

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