Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All of Our Lives Are in Danger

Welp. We're getting right into it. Donald has wasted no time in signing orders and pushing policies that will threaten the lives of certain specific groups and also the survival of the entire human race.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Donald is doing all this for money and power. Paralyzing the EPA, pushing through oil pipelines, and fucking over our national parks are all very profitable for the most wealthy, powerful corporations in the world. They're going to suck this planet dry and then the planet is going to wipe us out before these rich assholes realize that you can't eat money.

Unfortunately, the rest of us won't get the satisfaction of watching them realize this because we'll probably already be dead.

I want to take a moment here to acknowledge how incredibly depressing and awful it is to watch so many positive things that so many of us have worked so hard for be destroyed with the stroke of a pen. It's devastating. My heart is breaking for the water protectors and the people who did all that work to block the Keystone XL pipeline. But we can't give up. They're trying to overwhelm us with shit right now, hoping we'll give up hope or won't be able to organize to fight back effectively. What we need to do now is get even more fired up, focus on those issues that we're most passionate about and are best equipped to fight for, and push forward.

Here's what we're looking at:

  • The Mexico City Policy - A global gag rule that basically threatens every medical facility, organization, and charity around the world to keep their mouths shut about abortion entirely or the U.S. will withdraw all funding from them. Medical professionals cannot mention abortion as an option to any patient without risking losing their funding entirely, no matter what. This will result in more deaths due to dangerous pregnancies, back alley abortions, and more unwanted children.
  • Re-authorization of the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was largely condemned for its ability to usher in the end of the world via climate change, lol.
  • An order to push through the authorization and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Closing of the investigation of the poisoning of Flint, Michigan's water, which is still contaminated and unusable.
  • An immediate freeze on EPA grants and contracts, which could disrupt core functions such as water testing and cleanups of toxic spills.
  • An immediate freeze on any hiring for federal jobs, including the short-staffed Veterans Affairs office.
  • The muzzling of federal agencies including the EPA and Department of Agriculture by restricting their social media activity. The National Parks Service is openly defying this order, which is awesome.

And more shit is happening every day.

The authorizing of pipelines and strangling of environmental and agriculture departments are most alarming to me. We were already headed straight for catastrophic climate change, and Donald Trump is strapping a brick to the accelerator and cutting our brake lines. And the bees? The bees are fucked. Basically, that whole food thing we've been doing? It's gonna go to hell. Without our pollinators and with fucked up weather destroying crops, food prices will spike, all while increasingly intense storms destroy entire sections of the globe.

I don't know how the fuck to even fight this. But it's either that, or start buying up canned food and shit before it's too late. Learn to drive a motorcycle and fight with a spear.

Again, I hate to be all doomsday, but god damn, we are fucked! I hope the privileged people who voted for Trump are proud of themselves. You've reversed any hope for survival the human race had. Thanks. 

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