Thursday, January 26, 2017

Afternoon Announcements

Hello all. Today has been lacking content thus far because I ended up having a really bad night last night, didn't sleep hardly at all until like 9 am, then slept in past noon. I was triggered really badly by a book I've been reading, which you'll probably hear more about later, and ended up having a pretty intense panic attack and sobbing on the toilet more deeply than I have in a loooooong time. Our current political situation came into play because it contributes to a feeling over overall disempowerment and helplessness.

I'm telling you this because I've been writing a lot about how we need to focus our energies and fight back. But I also acknowledge that many of us are still mentally ill, and that doesn't magically go away when we're needed most. So remember to try as much as possible to balance the fight with self care. This includes letting yourself feel overwhelmed, letting the emotion come out as much as possible (whether than means crying, screaming into a pillow, or punching a print-out of Donald's face tied to a punching bag over and over), and then if possible, taking the next day off work to recover and be kind to yourself.

I'm gonna play some video games, have a nice hot shower, and then later finally go to a meeting of Seattle feminists who call themselves radical but I'm fairly certain they're not TERFs, to discuss how we're going to organize and fight the orange fascist.

Take care of yourselves. Remember that they're trying to burn us out, so don't let them. I love you.

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