Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Where he go.

They're Coming for Your Internet

If there's one thing that I think almost all of us can get behind, from us SJW leftists to "alt-right" Nazi trolls, it's net neutrality. We all want to be able to get where we want to go on the Internet without restriction or having to pay more to get to certain sites. That freedom is very important to us, whether we use it for good or for evil.

And I want every single person who voted for Donald to know. He's coming for it.

I know that no matter how many boxes on the fascist checklist that Donald marks off, some people won't admit that he's a fascist and will keep telling the rest of us that we're "overreacting" up until the moment that his fascism affects you. And I want you to know now that that moment is coming. It's clear as day, it's coming.

Donald Trump Wants to Close Off Parts of the Internet

From Bannon's Breitbart: Trump Is Right About 'Shutting Down' Parts Of The Internet

Trump Reportedly Picks Fierce Net Neutrality Opponent to Head FCC

They may try to shut down the entire Internet at first before simply killing net neutrality while we're all freaking out about the first thing, or they'll just do it quietly, bit by bit. But they'll come for it. As a fascist clearly orchestrating an anti-democratic coup of the U.S. government, he's coming for all of your rights.

He'll take down or invalidate or ignore ever bit of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights until all you have left are your guns, maybe. And even if you still do have your guns, they won't save you. If you defy him, your collection of AR-17s won't save you when he sends a tank to knock on your door or drone-strikes your house while you're on the toilet.

I hope you're fucking happy. You handed the country over to fascist dictators. Thanks.

Tweet of the Century

Ohhh myyyy godddddd.


Uh, well, you know how yesterday I was all kinda positive about stuff?

Then I read this:

Trial Balloon for a Coup?

Bit of an odd title. And it all goes downhill from there.

This is a list of the worst of the news coming out of D.C. from the past week, what it means, and why it means that we're fucked. Firstly, I was probably right about them trying to wear us out.

I see a few key patterns here. First, the decision to first block, and then allow, green card holders was meant to create chaos and pull out opposition; they never intended to hold it for too long. It wouldn’t surprise me if the goal is to create “resistance fatigue,” to get Americans to the point where they’re more likely to say “Oh, another protest? Don’t you guys ever stop?” relatively quickly.

Great. So our "victories" were nothing.

Note also the most frightening escalation last night was that the DHS made it fairly clear that they did not feel bound to obey any court orders. CBP continued to deny all access to counsel, detain people, and deport them in direct contravention to the court’s order, citing “upper management,” and the DHS made a formal (but confusing) statement that they would continue to follow the President’s orders. (See my updates from yesterday, and the various links there, for details) Significant in today’s updates is any lack of suggestion that the courts’ authority played a role in the decision.

Okay so they were REALLY nothing.

That is to say, the administration is testing the extent to which the DHS (and other executive agencies) can act and ignore orders from the other branches of government. This is as serious as it can possibly get: all of the arguments about whether order X or Y is unconstitutional mean nothing if elements of the government are executing them and the courts are being ignored. 
Yesterday was the trial balloon for a coup d’├ętat against the United States. It gave them useful information.

Now, I don't know if this Yonatan Zunger, theoretical physicist and engineer, actually knows what he's talking about or will be right about any of this. I mean, I mean, he's only a THEORETICAL PHYSICIST. Not a... politics guy.

We're fucked.

Anyway, it's a really great piece, and gives you an idea of what to expect in the next couple of years. Spoiler alert: It's all terrible. Other spoiler alert: It'll spoil your entire day.

I really am trying to stay positive and not depress the crap out of you but I can't just not try to prepare you for what's coming, either. At the very least, I don't want any of us to be caught off guard again.

Monday, January 30, 2017

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At first I though this seemed racist because of course black guy would be afraid of a guy in a white sheet but then that tackle oh my god.

Alt-Right Watch: Steve Bannon's War on Muslims


A user on Daily Kos has found a speech that Breitbart necromancer and blatant Nazi Steve Bannon gave at a poverty conference at the Vatican. Which is fucking weird. I may dig more into this guy's history because how was this guy ever invited to the Vatican? And to speak on poverty? Huh?

Anyway, much of his speech seemed to have nothing at all to do with poverty, but was instead a serious rant about the specter of a global war against what he calls "Islamic fascism." The irony.

It's also fucking weird that Bannon sounds a lot like an anti-capitalist. He apparently spent some of the speech speaking out against Ayn Rand-style, libertarian capitalism, though he then praises what he calls "enlightened capitalism of the Judeo-Christian West." I had no inkling of Bannon's religious affiliation before today, only that he hates Muslims and probably Jewish people. Today's Nazis seem just as likely to be atheist or agnostic as they are to be Christian, but they're just as racist and anti-semitic as they've always been.

Bannon, however, clearly has a particular fixation on Islam. At the Vatican in 2014, he did some serious fearmongering about a "very brutal and bloody conflict" that is developing rapidly, comparing the 2014 world to the days leading up to World War I, and warned the church to "really be able to not just stand with our beliefs, but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that’s starting, that will completely eradicate everything that we’ve been bequeathed over the last 2,000, 2,500 years."

Words like "barbarity" and "bequeathed" can tell you what kind of person Bannon is. That is some white supremacist rhetoric right there. Other people are barbarians and god gave the world to the whites. And we need to prepare to defend our god-given supremacy from "them."

He sounds like a super villain, honestly. I would have liked to see the faces of the people who just wanted to talk about poverty as they listened to him rant about this, calling for the church to take a "very, very, very aggressive stance against radical Islam."

This tells us exactly what Bannon's goals are for the current federal administration. And it should come as no surprise that he had a lot of say in the crafting of the disastrous and utterly Islamophobic Muslim ban, even personally overruling a decision by the Department of Homeland Security to exclude green card holders (i.e. LEGAL RESIDENTS) from the travel ban. This came after he was promoted by Donald from Chief Strategist to also having a key role on the National Security Council, demoting the director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the process. This is deeply disturbing seeing as this council oversees a government panel that can authorize the assassination of anyone deemed an enemy of that government, including U.S. citizens. Pretty sure we can thank Obama for that one.

So what we're facing here is a rapid Islamophobe who either thinks there will be a massive war against "radical Islam" (which is ridiculous since we've already been bombing the shit out of mostly Muslim countries that can hardly fight back against our absurdly bloated military machine) or just wants to convince people to kill as many Muslims as possible because he just fucking hates them. And now he's been given access to a gun with get-out-of-murder-free bullets. Um.

If you're keeping score at home, that is a whole lot of fucked up. I don't even know what the fuck to do about it right now. All I can say is that if you are Muslim, please stay safe. With this kind of shit going on, racists/Islamophobes have become very emboldened. There has already been a mass shooting in a Mosque in Quebec, Canada, ending in the deaths of five innocent Muslim individuals, and a Mosque in Texas was burned down just hours after Donald signed the Muslim ban into law.

We know how this works. We've seen it happen. We must learn from history. We've done well so far, but don't let up! Do not let Muslims become the next victim of genocide on U.S. soil. And maybe after that we can actually talk about not bombing Muslim civilians overseas? Maybe? Thanks.

Fighting Back Works


I was feeling really down about how rapidly the McDuck administration was stripping away human rights and environmental protections and everything else good. However, the response to his bullshit has been just as rapid, and it's been intense.

Airport Protests Grow at Int’l Airports With Cries of ‘SHUT IT DOWN!’

It's not just the protesting (which DID shut the airports down). The actions of activists and lawyers got many of the people detained at airports released, then a judge issued an emergency stay on the executive order banning Muslims from the U.S., the chancellor of Germany called up Donald to straight up be like "um dude you can't do that," and the administration is already rolling back the order. And protests are still going on.

Jay Inslee, the governor of my state, spoke to the people of Washington about his anger and disgust around the Muslim ban, saying that he hoped "common sense and humanity" could be restored soon. He called the White House and the attorney general to try and figure out how he could fix the situation at Seatac Airport. Celebrities of all kinds are denouncing this horribly racists and unconstitutional ban.

We can fight. We can push back the bigotry and fascism coming out of the White House right now. With lawyers and the ACLU fighting back against unconstitutional bullshit and plenty of judges who aren't outright fascists, we may be able to stop the worst of it. But we can't stop fighting just because we win small victories like the emergency stay or the green card exception. This may be part of a plan to hit us hard with some really terrible bigoted shit and then hope we'll be satisfied with something a little less bigoted. The total amount of Islamophobia that is acceptable in our government is zero.

This is giving me hope that some overall good can come out of the Trumpacolypse. I think a lot of us have been weighed down for a long time by a feeling like we can't fight the state, that no amount of protests or outrage will convince those in power of anything. And I mean long before Donald was elected. It seemed like too many people were complacent and both political parties knew it. But maybe this was the push we needed. Maybe we'll be spurred into enough action, maybe it'll keep going, and maybe the rich people who own this country will be afraid.

It absolutely sucks that it came to this, but if we can get anything good out of it (assuming we survive), we have to go for it.

I didn't go to any protests this weekend. I'm trying to save my energy for protests at calmer periods when there hasn't just been a horrible executive order that's completely unconstitutional and hateful. Keep coming out, keep showing up, as much as you can.

Friday, January 27, 2017

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Alt-Right Watch: Antifa Medic Shot By Nazi in Seattle


Inauguration Day and the Women's March overshadowed the shooting and critically wounding of an anti-fascist medic and peacekeeper during a scuffle outside of the auditorium where Micro Acidophilus (I refuse to spell his name correctly but you can find it in the linked story), pathetic troll that nobody likes and Trump supporter despite being gay, was being allowed to speak for some reason. This was at the main University of Washington campus in Seattle, the place I have lived near for my entire life. So of course there was a large protest against this guy's troll ramblings that were invited by some campus Republican group, including a large showing of newly-activated antifa. 

Antifa are of course not against using physical acts to defend themselves and their homes, and therefore a couple fights broke out with Nazi fucks, and one of these Nazis whipped out a gun and shot this medic peacekeeper, then had the gall to claim self-defense.

And if you needed anymore evidence that police, including the SPD, are white supremacist footsoldiers, the police let the shooter go with no charges.

Washington is not a "stand your ground" state. Also, guns are not allowed on any UW campus. But this fucking Nazi is being let off. Meanwhile, a UW professor is being hit with intense harassment including death and rape threats because of his involvement in organizing the protest against Meato Flyingoffthebus' talk.

In addition to attacking me on the internet, they have taken actions to reduce my sense of physical safety on campus as well as to affect my professional relationships with my departmental colleagues. They have spammed my UW email account with listserve confirmations; they know where my office is in addition to my office hours; and I have started to receive packages to my departmental mailbox, some of which hinted to include Pepe the frog figurines (an image often sent to victims of online harassment). A list of various professors’ emails from my own department — especially my chair’s — were slated to send in “honest letters by the community,” asking for my removal as an instructor. There is even a post that is attempting to find the bus that I ride in order to further harass me. And, I later learned that night that they know my biological mother’s personal information. 
What is perhaps most alarming is that one of the 4chan commenters is seemingly a student on UW’s campus. I was able to determine this, because they posted the following in identifying me: “UWfag I remember seeing this guy all the time. He was an instructor for spanish before my math class last winter. Can confirm. https://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/WIN2016/spanish.html Span 103 section c.” I have no idea who this person could be, which makes me more than scared to continue teaching at this moment. In fact, I have another friend and colleague who taught for me on Monday. Not only could I put myself at risk but also my students by entering into my own classroom. It is incredibly easy to find which course I teach now, at what time, and where. This person could walk into my room tomorrow and shoot me and my students. 

And what has the UW leadership done about this, you ask? Fuck all.

I have written President Cauce asking for her support as well as UW protections. I hope she will do what she can, despite her more than disappointing response of “Sent to campus police and student life. So sorry you are experiencing this.” Signed with not her name, but “Sent from my iPad.


Meanwhile again, do you know who has been charged with criminal assault and harassment? Shia LaBeouf, for yelling "he will not divide us" loudly in the face of a Nazi who went up to Shia's camera and said shit like "1488," which is code for a popular Nazi slogan and "heil Hitler" and then going on to start reciting the Nazi slogan into the camera. Shia (who is Jewish, by the way) attempted to drive away the actual fucking Nazi who was fucking up his video by getting into the guy's face, leaning over him, and screaming "he will not divide us" along with the chant of the crowd.

Now, this may technically be seen as assault and/or harassment, but I think it's fucking priceless that he gets arrested for this when actually shooting a peacekeeper results in zero charges and so much shit that is way more violent than yelling and leaning over someone has been dismissed as totally not violent when a fucking white supremacist, Nazi, fascist or whatever did it.

This is where we've gotten ourselves to. Nazis are let off with no charges for things far more violent than Jewish and other anti-Nazi people are arrested and charged for. The police and the justice system are not on our side and never have been.

False Dichotomy of the Day

Actually of the... decade? Probably much longer but I've only been in this for a few years. Anyway.

Once again we're facing the problem of moderates and liberals and other wishy washy people looking for reasons to not have to fight the good fight being all "people I have privilege over are being mean to me by pointing out that I have privilege and that makes me not want to help them :( :( :( :(." Actually, it's more common for people to say "if you point out privilege then privileged people aren't going to want to help :( :( :( :( :(." I'm hoping it's because most people realize that the former statement makes you such a huge asshole and so they don't want to outright say it.

I've already discussed how basically threatening to withdraw support if the people you have privilege over aren't nice enough to you is completely abusive and terrible, but so many people still engage in debates about being "inclusive" and "supportive" or whatever to privileged people because they're so afraid of scaring those in power off. But if you support privileged people in this kind of conditional and abusive behavior, you're withdrawing support from those who really need it. The actual oppressed people.

This has come up once again over the signs held by black women asking us white women why we didn't come out for other issues, like when black men and women kept getting gunned down in the street and their cars and homes and murdered in jail cells, etc. Liberals and my fellow white women are now whining that call-outs like this only make the white women who came out for the Women's March not want to protest again because it makes them feel bad :(.

And yeah, I'm sure it does. But you know what, people have to deal with bad feelings sometimes. There needs to be some discomfort along the journey of activism and acknowledging one's privilege and role as an oppressor.

Here's the thing. In these discussions, liberals, white moderates, or whatever, are constantly creating a false dichotomy - a fake reality in which there are only two options and no middle ground. Which is ironic, because, "moderate."

There are actually ways to let oppressed people like black women express their anger towards us white women for failing to support them while encouraging fellow white women to keep coming out instead of being scared away by this confrontation. And it's us white people who need to do that work. Those of us who understand privilege and the need for the oppressed to express their anger need to explain to the frightened protest newbies that it's not about them. And we can guide them to resources that will help them become aware of things like Black Lives Matter protests they can attend, anti-racist organizations, white privilege workshops, etc. If we're afraid of our fellow white women being scared away, we can actually step in and prevent that without telling black women to shut up and be nice to their oppressors!

It's not either "no signs calling out white women" or "no support in the fight against Trump." It's "well yes some white women are probably going to feel defensive or discouraged by these messages but we can help many of them understand and overcome their defensiveness and if they refuse to even try then they were never going to be useful in the movement anyway and it's better to support black women than cater to their fragile egos and abusive actions." And you can navigate that gray area based on each individual situation and the many various factors surrounding each. Okay?

Do the work. None of this was ever going to be simple or easy.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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This must be one of those gifs I save while I was drunk.

Afternoon Announcements

Hello all. Today has been lacking content thus far because I ended up having a really bad night last night, didn't sleep hardly at all until like 9 am, then slept in past noon. I was triggered really badly by a book I've been reading, which you'll probably hear more about later, and ended up having a pretty intense panic attack and sobbing on the toilet more deeply than I have in a loooooong time. Our current political situation came into play because it contributes to a feeling over overall disempowerment and helplessness.

I'm telling you this because I've been writing a lot about how we need to focus our energies and fight back. But I also acknowledge that many of us are still mentally ill, and that doesn't magically go away when we're needed most. So remember to try as much as possible to balance the fight with self care. This includes letting yourself feel overwhelmed, letting the emotion come out as much as possible (whether than means crying, screaming into a pillow, or punching a print-out of Donald's face tied to a punching bag over and over), and then if possible, taking the next day off work to recover and be kind to yourself.

I'm gonna play some video games, have a nice hot shower, and then later finally go to a meeting of Seattle feminists who call themselves radical but I'm fairly certain they're not TERFs, to discuss how we're going to organize and fight the orange fascist.

Take care of yourselves. Remember that they're trying to burn us out, so don't let them. I love you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Kitty loves warm triangle.

Here Comes Fascism!

Among the other horrors of the Dictator in Chief's speech to the CIA on the day after his inauguration, Trump openly declared that he has a "running war with the media" and tried to get the CIA to join the ranks.

"The president just tried to rally CIA workforce around the idea that media is the enemy. Let that sink in," wrote Mark Mazzetti, a Washington investigations editor at The New York Times. 
Trump himself called it a "war," further ratcheting up his extreme anti-media rhetoric from the campaign trail. 
"As you know, I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth," Trump said.

Again, this is fascism 101 shit right here. And don't try to tell me it's an empty threat or "lock room talk" or whatever the hell bullshit excuse. Because:

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest.

Four more journalists have been charged with felonies after being arrested while covering the unrest around Donald Trump’s inauguration, meaning that at least six media workers are facing up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine if convicted. 
A documentary producer, a photojournalist, a live-streamer and a freelance reporter were each charged with the most serious level of offense under Washington DC’s law against rioting, after being caught up in the police action against demonstrators. 


Trump Won’t Remove Press From White House, But Says He Will Pick Who Gets In

I'm going to keep saying it. Trump is a fascist. He is implementing fascism. We now live under a fascist regime.

All of Our Lives Are in Danger

Welp. We're getting right into it. Donald has wasted no time in signing orders and pushing policies that will threaten the lives of certain specific groups and also the survival of the entire human race.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Donald is doing all this for money and power. Paralyzing the EPA, pushing through oil pipelines, and fucking over our national parks are all very profitable for the most wealthy, powerful corporations in the world. They're going to suck this planet dry and then the planet is going to wipe us out before these rich assholes realize that you can't eat money.

Unfortunately, the rest of us won't get the satisfaction of watching them realize this because we'll probably already be dead.

I want to take a moment here to acknowledge how incredibly depressing and awful it is to watch so many positive things that so many of us have worked so hard for be destroyed with the stroke of a pen. It's devastating. My heart is breaking for the water protectors and the people who did all that work to block the Keystone XL pipeline. But we can't give up. They're trying to overwhelm us with shit right now, hoping we'll give up hope or won't be able to organize to fight back effectively. What we need to do now is get even more fired up, focus on those issues that we're most passionate about and are best equipped to fight for, and push forward.

Here's what we're looking at:

  • The Mexico City Policy - A global gag rule that basically threatens every medical facility, organization, and charity around the world to keep their mouths shut about abortion entirely or the U.S. will withdraw all funding from them. Medical professionals cannot mention abortion as an option to any patient without risking losing their funding entirely, no matter what. This will result in more deaths due to dangerous pregnancies, back alley abortions, and more unwanted children.
  • Re-authorization of the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was largely condemned for its ability to usher in the end of the world via climate change, lol.
  • An order to push through the authorization and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Closing of the investigation of the poisoning of Flint, Michigan's water, which is still contaminated and unusable.
  • An immediate freeze on EPA grants and contracts, which could disrupt core functions such as water testing and cleanups of toxic spills.
  • An immediate freeze on any hiring for federal jobs, including the short-staffed Veterans Affairs office.
  • The muzzling of federal agencies including the EPA and Department of Agriculture by restricting their social media activity. The National Parks Service is openly defying this order, which is awesome.

And more shit is happening every day.

The authorizing of pipelines and strangling of environmental and agriculture departments are most alarming to me. We were already headed straight for catastrophic climate change, and Donald Trump is strapping a brick to the accelerator and cutting our brake lines. And the bees? The bees are fucked. Basically, that whole food thing we've been doing? It's gonna go to hell. Without our pollinators and with fucked up weather destroying crops, food prices will spike, all while increasingly intense storms destroy entire sections of the globe.

I don't know how the fuck to even fight this. But it's either that, or start buying up canned food and shit before it's too late. Learn to drive a motorcycle and fight with a spear.

Again, I hate to be all doomsday, but god damn, we are fucked! I hope the privileged people who voted for Trump are proud of themselves. You've reversed any hope for survival the human race had. Thanks. 

Alt-Right Watch: More Breitbarters in the White House

According to Breitbart, Breitbart National Security Editor and guy who could not look more like a villain in a Die Hard movie Dr. Sebastian Gorka is joining Trump's administration, likely as a part of the National Security Council. I guess because obsessing for years over a misunderstanding of the term "jihad" makes you qualified for that. Haha, there I go, acting as though qualifications matter to Trump or his coalition of action movie bad guys.

Seriously, though, this guy could not be more Islamophobic. This is terrifying for Muslim Americans, immigrants, and refugees. Every single thing he publishes is something about "jihad" and connecting unrelated crap to "jihad."

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: After January 20, America Must 'Jettison Political Correctness' to 'Inoculate Ourselves' Against Jihad 
America is Losing the War Against Sunni Jihadists and Empowering The Shia Caliphate 
Obama's Reign of Error: How America Lost its Way and is Losing the War Against Jihad (part 3) 
Shilling for the Jihadis: NYT and WaPo Stand with the Muslim Brotherhood

And don't forget his book: "Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War"

This guy really has a one-track mind. He really takes that Islamophobia thing literally. I can't imagine what kind of policies he's gonna be pushing.

We absolutely need to be fighting against the appointment of this dude. He's a huge threat to both Muslims and national security, because he's clearly more interesting in scapegoating the people that the U.S. has been mercilessly drone bombing for years than focusing on, you know, reality. Even if we can't make Trump listen to us, we've already demonstrated that we can scare his picks away.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Recommended Reading

In the spirit of more privileged feminists doing the necessary ally work to not be counter-productive oppressive whiners, here is a great article by a white woman who did some ally work at the Women's March by carrying a "White Women Elected Trump" sign. This action, as well as her response, is the kind of allyship that I aspire to.

As the number of retweets, likes, and followers continued to grow, I started to get a sinking feeling I was being rewarded for clearing a very, very low bar. People were celebrating me for basic self-awareness and a modicum of a challenge to my fellow white women. Let’s be real. I carried a protest sign with a very basic statement of fact to a march organized and attended by many black and brown women, many of whom had messages similar to mine. Even in my own reflective tweets afterward about my experience, I was borrowing from observations black and brown women made about the march and attempts at intersectional feminism through the decades. I was a living embodiment of “white mediocrity versus black excellence.” 
I happened to have tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Saturday before the march. It was my third visit, and I was so excited to take my mom and best friend through its hallowed halls. That morning, learning about and reflecting on the critical role that black women had played in the civil rights movement only put into greater perspective what “doing the work” looks like. White women: Simply showing to up a march isn’t “doing the work,” and holding a sign isn’t real courage. Courage is standing up for your fundamental rights when you are marginalized, disenfranchised, and unsupported. Heroism is facing, head on, agents of institutionalized racism when your life or your child’s life is on the line.

Well done, Ali Tharrington.

At the same time, there were plenty of women of color at the marches who were carrying similar signs, and they did not receive the same kind of positive response. Compare what Ali, a white woman, said about white responses to her confrontational sign:

Before we even made it out of DC’s Union Station, I started to get comments. Someone wanted my picture with my sign. Someone wanted their picture with it. During the course of the day, I got three kinds of reactions from people who chose to interact with me. Thank-yous and high-fives from black and Latina women. Ashamed recognition from younger white women. And several emotional rejections — “No WE didn’t!” or “I didn’t, I voted for Hillary!” — from older white women. 
There were moments of uneasiness carrying my sign, but overall, a few meaningful interactions made it worthwhile for me. At one point, a White woman approached me and said, "Thanks for your sign. My gut reaction was to be defensive, but I see now that's your point."
There was an immediate and overwhelming response to my tweets. Within an hour, I was retweeted by writer Celeste Ng, activist Bree Newsom, and humorist and podcast judge John Hodgman (a personal favorite — hi, John!). By Sunday night, I was featured in my own Twitter Moment and had almost 3,000 new Twitter followers. I got a lot of the expected responses when tweets go viral — people telling me I was being racist toward white people, I was being divisive, and on and on. But I got an equal or greater amount of laud and praise. “This whole thread is perfect.” “This is the most important thing you will read about the #WomensMarch.” “Thank you for your courage.” “She’s so brave.”

Then there's the response described by Angela Peoples, a black woman featured in this photo:

Photo Credit: Kevin Banatte
The white response to her sign, despite it having a very similar and perhaps actually less harsh message than Ali, was much more negative, as she described in an interview with The Root.

Most were saying, “Not this white woman,” or “No one I know!” I’d say, “[Fifty-three percent] of white women voted for Trump. That means someone you know, someone who is in close community with you, voted for Trump. You need to organize your people.” And some people said, “Oh, I’m so ashamed.” Don’t be ashamed; organize your people.

White woman = mostly positive responses, black woman, same message = mostly negative responses. This is white privilege. And straight up racism. Racism by my fellow white women.

I encourage my fellow white feminists to read both and note the differences. What this means is that we white women need to be uplifting the messages of women of color, and if you have any other privileges, you need to be uplifting the messages of those women who are under opposing marginalization. You need to credit them while doing so, because its their message. You're just giving it a platform that will produce a more positive response, unfortunately.

Use your privilege for good. And if you see fellow privileged women attacking a woman like Peoples for having a sign like her's, defend her. Move your fellow white woman aside and explain to her why she's being oppressive. Don't leave this all up to those who are already exhausted from the weight of additional oppression.

Criticizing Cis Feminism Does Not Have a Chilling Effect

That's just your hurt ego talking.

This is coming from a post that I came across on Facebook that a white feminist posted on Medium called "Getting it Right by Getting it Wrong: on Pussyhats and the Women’s March."

I read this article, hoping it would address the pussy hat thing. I've kept quiet about the pussy hats in particular, as I was unsure how they would ultimately be taken. I am very aware of the problem with cis feminism being incredibly cissexist and the large number of cis feminists who know next to nothing about trans issues and either believe that genitals = gender (TERFs) or simply have never considered the idea that some men have pussies and some women don't. It was also recently pointed out to me that not all vulvas are pink, which I should have thought of myself.

The only reason I was hesitant to condemn the pussy hat thing was because I get that they and similar things referencing "pussies" are in direct reference to the shit Donald said about how fun it is to sexually assault women, and of course Donald would never for a single second acknowledge the existence of trans people or non-binary genders. I've been trying to generally spread word that genitals do NOT equal gender, and now that articles are coming out by trans and non-binary people about the pussy hats, sharing those.

Anyway, this particular Medium post didn't talk directly about the pussy hats at all. Instead, it addressed a number of classic anti-feminist complaints that were thrown at the Women's March, followed by some serious privileged whining. Also, ableist language:

But here’s the thing: 
Shouting down other women for doing feminism wrong has a chilling effect on feminism. There. I’ve said it. I have hesitated to write about women’s issues not because I’m afraid of trolls, but because I’m afraid of getting it wrong for women: of excluding someone or appropriating something or getting out of my depth or out of my lane. I am doing my best. I am learning. I am a late bloomer. I did not hear the term “intersectional feminism” until I was well into my forties, and it took some time for me to get my head around it. So I try to check my privilege. I read as much as I can. I know I will get it wrong and say stupid stuff on occasion. But isn’t it better to try than to say nothing at all?


People misuse the concept of the "chilling effect" all the time. It's a more complex version of the misuse of "free speech." The chilling effect refers to acts by the government (again, it only applies to the government, not to random civilians) that are meant to intimidate people into keeping quiet about things that could threaten governmental power. Via Wikipedia:

In a legal context, a chilling effect is the inhibition or discouragement of the legitimate exercise of natural and legal rights by the threat of legal sanction. The right that is most often described as being suppressed by a chilling effect is the US constitutional right to free speech. A chilling effect may be caused by legal actions such as the passing of a law, the decision of a court, or the threat of a lawsuit; any legal action that would cause people to hesitate to exercise a legitimate right (freedom of speech or otherwise) for fear of legal repercussions.

Nobody is threatening white, cis feminists with legal action or lawsuits. But again, to the privileged, criticism feels like a significant threat. We need to be able to acknowledge this fear and get past it. Protecting our egos is not more important than protecting the safety and lives of women of color, trans women, and others often left out by mainstream feminism.

What do you do in the meantime? You be careful. You don't speak about things you aren't sure about. There are plenty of things that you can speak on that won't risk hurting people you have privilege over. And if you don't know what those are yet, then you need a lot more education and should probably hold off on actually speaking. You can still share things from more educated feminists. You don't always need to be flapping your mouth.

And if you screw up and get called out, then guess what? It's not the end of the world. Learn to listen and take it with grace. Yeah, it doesn't feel good, but the things that separates uneducated feminists from shitty feminists is the willingness and ability to take criticism. That bad feeling that comes from being called out and the fear of that feeling is not a "chilling effect." It's the effect of having too fragile of an ego and an underlying belief that criticism is a threat to your very self. It's okay if people get mad at you sometimes. If you have privilege over them, consider that your fuck up can at least be an outlet for oppressed persons to express their anger. You can then apologize and learn and be a positive example, showing the oppressed people you hurt that their anger is valid and acceptable and fellow privileged people the correct way to respond.

But if your response is to say that "your criticism hurt me and makes me afraid so you shouldn't criticize at all," then you are being a shitty feminist. You're hurting yourself, the movement, and the people you have privilege over. If a "chilling effect" is defined as "anything that makes that makes me feel bad/afraid to feel bad," then by that logic you're having a chilling effect on those you have privilege over by being a big baby because your negative reaction could easily make them afraid to even try to correct the bad behavior of people like you. And that means that things will never get better for them and the world will continue to be unjust, unequal, and generally shitty.

Is that what you want? No? Then do the work. Stop blaming oppressed people for your wounded ego.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Gif of the Day

Ah, the "I really really love you but am trying really hard to be cool about it" cat stretch.

And Now For Something Wonderful

It was an intense weekend, so I'd like to leave you with something beautiful and uplifting today.

It's a collection of remixes of the video where Richard Spencer gets punched in the face!

11 of the Most Creative Remixes of a White Nationalist Getting Punched in the Face

I personally enjoy the simple rhythm of "Born in the USA," though "The Boys Are Back in Town" has a nice message for all white nationalists out there. However, the one that moved me was, hands down, this one:


Here Comes Fascism!

One of the most alarming aspects of Trump's first actions of his presidency is his condemnation of what he called an "anti-police atmosphere" in the country. Make no mistake, this is a very specific and classic sign of a burgeoning fascist regime. It's also a terrifying and intense threat to everyone who is most vulnerable to police violence, including trans women, disabled and neuroatypical individuals, and black people.

One of President Donald Trump’s first promises as leader of the free world is to “empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence,” according to a statement on the new White House website. 
“The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration. President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public,” reads the issue brief published on Friday. “The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.”

He also spoke in clear support of the genocidal "war on drugs" during his inaugural address, talking vaguely about "drugs and gangs." Fearmongering about a specter of "crime" and "disorder" is a classic fascist move, as is catering to and empowering violent and out-of-control police forces. If this doesn't terrify you, pick up a history book or do some Wikipedia reading on current and past fascist regimes.

Next comes severe persecution of drug users and people struggling with addiction, mass arrests, increases in the prison population, a continuation of terrible prison conditions, and the general bolstering of the prison industrial complex with mainly people of color who are then forced into slave labor.

Wait, that's already all been happening for decades, LOL. But expect it to get much worse. They will reverse every little bit of progress we made toward a decent society,

Women's March Afterthoughts and Next Steps

Yes, the march was incredible. The numbers were out of this world. I've seen estimates as high as five million people worldwide protesting against Trump. And it was against Trump, no matter what the official mission statement said. We all know what this was about.

Nearly three times as many people turned out in Seattle than were estimated - 130,000 vs. 50,000.

Here are some photos from my phone that don't do justice to the magnitude of the march:

I appreciated that as we approached the start of the march, white women were shouting at everyone to move to the side to make way for the Native American women who would lead the procession. Along the way, women of color were making speeches on small platforms here and there, plus one white woman who was addressing all the rest of us white people about white privilege. These were the positive things I saw.

Negative things I saw include a lot of cissexist imagery and slogans, white women holding up signs containing lines from Formation, and people cheering for the police. And a lot of lambasting about how great it was that there was no violence during any of the Women's March protests. Unless you count the police presence, but these people clearly don't.

I've made it very clear on this blog that I am anti-police, anti-incarceration, and not at all opposed to people getting angry and breaking things at protests. If you insist on calling actions that are self-defense "violence," then I'm not against violence. I'm not against people standing up to the police because the police are the foot soldiers of oppression. I'm not against people breaking bank windows, knocking over trash cans, shoving over police barriers, or spray-painting expensive cars. I care about people more than I care about things.

I'm gonna defer to Angela Davis on the subject of violence in revolution:

The fact that the Women's March didn't involve any police violence is largely, maybe completely a white privilege. I've been to multiple protests and I've seen the difference in how police behave during Black Lives Matter demonstrations vs. those put on, led, and populated by mostly white feminists. I'll never forget how, during my first BLM protest, the police deliberately tried to cut us off from going back downtown to demonstrate during the Christmas tree lighting. Because they didn't want us to disrupt the very important event of someone moving a switch from "off" to "on." That protest got violent because the police instigated.

At other BLM protests, the police are just more menacing. They wear more riot gear. They openly hold large pepper spray containers and batons. At the Women's March on Seattle, I barely even saw cops.

At the same time, I do not condemn the anarchists who go and break stuff as long as white anarchists are not putting people of color in danger by doing it. The point of it is to show politicians, police, corporations, and capitalists in general that there's nothing real protecting them or their precious windows from being brought down, and that if we as a people decided to, we could drag them out onto the streets and hang them up by the ankles and take all their stuff. I approve of that message.

Real revolution always involves violence. Always. The oppressors don't care about who is morally superior. They're not impressed by your peacefulness.

This narrative that protests need to be 10000% peaceful is propaganda put out by the oppressors, by Republicans and the 1% and white supremacists, that has been incredibly successful. Especially since it's been amplified by neo-liberal Democrats who also have the ultimate goal of maintaining control over the common people (read: oppression). This is the result:


I think all of those people are white, too. Amazing.

The media now sensationalizes even the tiniest amount of damage to objects, even city property, as "violence." Meanwhile, a guy murdering a black kid can be deemed "self-defense" and therefore is not violence. It could not be more ridiculous.

So what now? What do we do about this bullshit?

So many movements have fallen apart because of a failure to represent everyone, particularly those who are most affected by a problem. It is essential that we white people defer to people of color, that men defer to women, that we cis people defer to trans people, that straight people defer to the rest of us, that we able-bodied people defer to disabled people. The leadership of any anti-Trump, anti-fascist movement going forward needs to be handed over to a group of people who represent every axis of oppression. We need to make absolutely sure that every issue and every marginalized group is addressed and given the proper attention.

If we can't do that, the movement will fizzle out, Trump will become the new normal, and we will deserve whatever comes next. If you want the world to survive this, spread this message. Press the idea of privilege and demand diverse leadership. I have started working on a local city anti-bigotry organization, but I hope that I can eventually cede leadership to a woman of color.

Let's not repeat the mistakes of previous movements. If we can't do it right this time, we may not survive.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gif of the Day

From today on out :)


It's not been an easy day, for multiple reasons. I've been at work, listening to this song over and over and doing my version of praying:

In spite of the names of both the band and the album, there is some seriously deep spiritual stuff on here that I need today. I hope it can offer you some comfort, dear reader.

Keep surviving.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gif of the Day

The timing of the camera pull-out with her expression, holy shit.

I am sorry that I missed this party.

Here Comes Fascism!

Just when you think you've run out of ways to be stunned by Republican fascist bullshit:

Republicans propose bill making it legal for police to kill protesters

Republican senator Jim Tomes introduced Senate Bill 285 in January, though it was given its first committee hearing on Wednesday. The bill authorizes city officials to use “any means necessary” to break up a group of 10 or more protesters blocking traffic, “even to the point of costing lives.”
“A responsible public official shall, not later than 15 minutes after learning of a mass traffic obstruction in the official’s jurisdiction, dispatch all available law enforcement officers … with directions to use any means necessary to clear the roads of the persons unlawfully obstructing vehicular traffic,” the legislation reads.

How do you propose legislation like this in the US of A and not be immediately relieved of your position as legislator and escorted to jail? Like oh I'm sorry that it clearly fascist legislation, please go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

If this is how it's going to be then I don't have any qualms about the American people protecting themselves from Senator Tomes by any means necessary.

Don't Mess With The Gays

Big Gay has struck back at Mike "Electrocute Away the Gay" Pence with an official Queer Dance Party outside of his house last night before he moves to D.C.

Mike Pence's Big Gay Going Away Party Was Lit

Not all heroes wear capes.

Queer activism is the best activism and Big Gay throws the best parties.

Don't Forget About These People When You March

It can be difficult to ensure that everyone is included in an event, protest, or march. But that doesn't mean anybody gets a pass for failing to do so, especially for an event as huge as the Women's March on Washington and its supporting marches.

Unfortunately, throughout its organization and development, this event has had issues. First it came under criticism for ripping off titles of marches from the Civil Rights era that had been organized by black women. There were concerns that too many cis white women were leading the efforts. Then, after that was somewhat settled, there were issues with the organization efforts and mission statement leaving out disabled women and sex workers.

Janet Mock herself has been working with the leaders of the Women's March on Washington and ensured that a line supporting sex workers was included in the mission statement. Because she is amazing. Sex workers are very often left out of feminist events and organizations, partially due to SWERF (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist) sentiments leaking in everywhere, bleh. But this blog is 100% supportive and inclusive of sex workers, who get to determine for themselves what is best for them. So I'm therefore happy that there is at least a little acknowledgement of sex workers from the Women's March mission statement.

At the same time, people with disabilities, chronic illness, and chronic pain are often left out of any kind of march, for obvious reasons. The Women's March is no exception, and as far as I know, not much has been done to include them. Not everyone can get a wheelchair, and even if they can, large marches can be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. People with chronic illness/pain may not typically use a wheelchair, but a march going for a couple miles would be completely out of the question for individuals who experience pain with every step or are rendered exhausted from a simple trip to the grocery store.

Thankfully, though it's disappointing that they had to do this themselves, disability rights groups have come up with a way that people with disabilities and illness can participate in the protest even if they can't physically march.

Virtual march makes Women's March more accessible to people with disabilities

The Disability March organizers invite people living with disabilities to submit their names, photos and a statement on why they want to "march." The images and text will be uploaded to the website in time for the Women's March on Jan. 21, creating a virtual archive of people showing solidarity with the main event in Washington, D.C.

It's not much, honestly, but that combined with the people livecasting the march will hopefully help women with disabilities and chronic illness/pain feel somewhat included.

Always remember that though marching is great, it is not the only nor the best way to engage in activism. Revolution requires activism of multiple types from multiple fronts, and writing, planning, organizing, and spreading the word are just as important as marching.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gif of the Day

How is this happening.

Emergency Vine

This Vine is so amazing that I had to post it, it is an emergency.


Women's March on Seattle

I will definitely be at the Women's March on Seattle this Saturday, barring some kind of emergency or Earth-destroying meteor (which I might not mind to be perfectly honest hahahahahahahaha). If you somehow are not aware that this is a thing, there are marches scheduled all over the country to take place on the day after Inauguration Day to send a message that women and everyone who gives a shit about women and other marginalized persons will be resisting Donald and his gang of neo-Nazis at every step.

Main (Washington DC) Facebook Event.

Seattle Facebook Event.

Hundreds of thousands of people have pledged to attend the DC march and tens of thousands have pledged to march in Seattle. For the U.S., these are historic numbers. I'm excited to be a part of it.

If you're in the Seattle area, I'm thinking that I'll make a sign that's a fascism checklist, like:

Signs of Fascism:

  • Demonizing the media
  • Inserting your family into positions of power
  • Obtaining lists of your enemies
  • Attempting to disband ethics committees
  • Election tampering

Except instead of bullet points they'll be check marks, because Donald has done all of these and more.

Two more days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gif of the Day

Me looking at conservatives who don't understand that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

More Good News

I honestly did not think this would happen, but Chelsea Manning's sentence has been mostly commuted. She only has to do five more months in prison and then she'll be freed. Instead of staying in a men's prison until 2045, in and out of solitary confinement, very likely killing herself from the torture.

Chelsea Manning never should have been imprisoned in the first place. She is a whistleblower who gave up everything and literally risked her life to expose wrongdoing within our government. She is a hero who should have been rewarded and protected. Instead, she was betrayed and thrown into a men's prison despite the fact that she is a woman, exposing her to the extreme risk of sexual assault, regular assault, and death. That's she survived to this point is a miracle, and the fact that she will soon be free is nothing short of astounding. I am as happy for her as I am angry for her that she saw even a single day in prison.

Obama, you should have ensured that she was not convicted of anything, let alone put in prison, let alone in a men's prison. This commutation comes extremely late. Shame on you for putting her through that much suffering. You don't deserve thanks for pulling her back from the hell that you put her in for years.

Thank you to everyone who fought for Chelsea Manning. This commutation has saved her life. You saved her life. Thank you.

Fighting is Working

Though Donald may be incapable of listening to the actual people of the U.S. due to the intense fragility of his ego coupled with his lack of fuck-giving for anyone but himself, we can scare his nominees away, if only because some of them are less able to deal with the anger and criticism of many, many millions of people.

One down: Trump's minimum wage-hating nominee for labor secretary is in search of an exit

President-elect Donald Trump's choice to be labor secretary has voiced second thoughts in recent days, because of a relentless barrage of criticism from Democrats, labor unions and other liberal groups, a business ally and GOP sources tell CNN. … 
"He may be bailing," said a Republican source plugged into the Trump transition effort. "He is not into the pounding he is taking, and the paperwork."

But mostly the pounding, right? Not into the rough stuff.

So the calls and emails and articles and petitions are clearly working. Keep it up. I mean Andy will likely be replaced with someone just as terrible, but everything we can do to impede the disaster than this administration will be is worth it. If only to get revenge on the fucking asshole Republicans who obstructed everything Obama did for eight years as much as possible, no matter how positive the legislation.

Fuck you, Republicans.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Gif of the Day

Not the world's greatest thief.

Alt-Right Watch: So Very, Very Fragile

Apparently, an entire neo-Nazi media outlet has crashed and burned because its followers found out that the founder's wife is Jewish.

Hold on.

Neo-Nazi media outlet collapses after fellow racists discover the founder’s wife is Jewish

As Salon reports, neo-Nazi icon Mike Enoch — the pseudonym used by the man who created the pro-white nationalist website The Right Stuff — has resigned from his role at the website after being outed by rivals as a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich. 
The real shocker, however, wasn’t the identity of Peinovich, but the identity of his wife, who happens to be a Jewish woman. This is particularly surprising because Peinovich often makes “jokes” about the Holocaust on his podcast, where he also regularly talks about killing Jewish people.

How fucking fragile do you have to be to fall apart because someone happens to be Jewish? I know I keep saying that the fight against the "alt-right" is serious and that they're dangerous but god damn. The fragility.

I guess they're kind of like some kind of swarming insect. Dangerous because they multiply fast and are good at attacking in hordes, but it's real easy to disrupt the nest and have the entire hive collapse. I feel bad, though, for comparing these pieces of shit to important insects like bees and ants. Our pollinators and ant colonies deserve better.

Happy Don't Exploit MLK Day

Welcome to your annual reminder that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not exist for us white people to cherry pick and exploit a couple quotes from his speeches to try and tell black people not to protest in any way that might be slightly inconvenient or noticeable. And that the U.S. government murdered him.

Here's a great piece by a black women on that:

The Exploitation Of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy By White Supremacy

Read that and have fun today and if you're white just probably do not even talk about MLK and if other white people are talking about him just shush them, and if they try to talk again, shush them some more, and just keep doing it until they leave. Thanks.

Welcome to the New America


Same as the old America. You know, the one from the 50's.

Conn. Republican arrested for grabbing woman’s genitals — his lawyer says it was ‘a playful gesture’

But wait, it gets horrifyinger!

The incident, which took place in December 2016, began when the 57-year-old woman encountered von Keyserling in the hallway. The two had a brief political argument, in which von Keyserling remarked, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.” 
When the woman tried to walk away, von Keyserling allegedly reached from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinched her in the groin. He said “it would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you,” the woman claimed.

I believe her.

This is what happens when you elect a man who runs on a platform of saying and doing whatever he wants, no matter how harmful, and specifically on how awesome it is to sexually assault women. It's not just locker room talk. This is what men like him and von Keyserling (what a name) really want. They want to lord their unearned power over the rest of us by assaulting and abusing us.

And for those of you who voted for Donald because you didn't think he was serious about the things he was saying or that it didn't matter, I have this for you:

This is the world I am and have been afraid of. One where men can sexually assault me at any time and face no consequences. Welcome to Donald's America! Kill me now!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Gif of the Day

I like the subtlety of this one.

I am too into animated gifs.

Russia is Decriminalizing Domestic and Child Abuse

This is not a drill. The same woman who introduced the horrific anti-gay and anti-trans bill that's resulted in a massive escalation of violent hate crimes against LGBT+ people in Russia introduced a bill to make assault by a parent, spouse, or other family member a lesser crime punishable only by a fine or a small amount of jail time.

The Moscow Times explains that the bill would change Russia's Criminal Code. "Battery within families" would be recategorized as an administrative offense instead of a criminal offense, unless it occurs multiple times a year. The bill was proposed by conservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina, who began the process in 2016 after Presiden Vladimir Putin reclassified other forms of assault and battery that "did not cause actual bodily harm." Mizulina was adamant that criminalizing familial violence goes against traditional family values and blocks parents' rights to beat their children.

Parents' rights to beat their children. Not only is that a phrase that multiple people have had to speak and type in the year 20-fucking-17, it's coming from the country that the man who will be made president of the U.S. in one week has said is super great and he's glad that its ruler is so fond of him.

So I guess we can expect the same in the U.S. in the next couple years. Probably first it'll be the homophobic and trans phobic legislation and then they'll move on to making the beating of women and children a no biggie as long as you're related to them somehow and it doesn't happen too much.

Even Barry wouldn't vote in favor of a law like that. Not that the head of the KGB gets a vote NEVERMIND WHATEVER.


Math is Hard and Republicans Don't Care if You Die

As was to be entirely expected, the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act is putting yet more light upon the fact that Republicans literally do not care if us poors die. They don't care if we lose our health insurance even though it will result in some of us dying. You can point that out to them all you want and they will continue to not give a fuck. They'll barely even put any effort into trying to seem like they care.

For example, Steve King.

While acknowledging that immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act would mean that roughly 20 million people would lose their health insurance, King wrote it off as collateral damage, stating that approximately 10.8 million of those people would still qualify for Medicaid. Although when it came to the remaining 9.2 million, Rep. King just shrugged. 
“Under Obamacare, they always envisioned that 4 percent of the population would be uninsured even if it were fully implemented. So I wouldn’t want to be bogged down on that, but I would want to do the best thing we can for the maximum number of American people,” King said.

Seriously, Steve, you're not even trying. We poors may be dizzy from hunger and exhausted from cancer treatments we can barely afford even with the ACA, but we still know that "nearly half" is not equal to "4 percent." At least stick with "oh we'll come up with something better, at some point, some time, yeah, totally, totally on that, lol."

Oh and about that replacement, apparently there is none, they're just going to let us go back to how it was before the ACA passed, which was terrible. This news came from Paul Ryan right after a former Republican confronted him with the story about how the ACA saved his life from cancer.

"Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I'm standing here today alive," Jeans said. "Being both a small-business person and someone with preexisting conditions, I rely on the Affordable Care Act to be able to purchase my own insurance. Why would you repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement?"
As Ryan began his answer, saying the GOP planned to replace the law when repealing it, Jeans interrupted to add a message onto his question. 
"Can I say one thing?" Jeans said. "I want to thank President Obama from the bottom of my heart because I would be dead if it weren't for him." 
Ryan said Republicans planned to replace Obamacare with high-risk pools, which had been used by states before the ACA was passed, so that Jeans and others could continue to get coverage. Health-policy experts have been wary of this plan because of the low enrollment and prohibitively high costs in previous state-level pools.

So this man is like "I would have died if not for Obamacare because the way health insurance worked before that passed would have made it impossible for me to get coverage for the treatment I needed to live" and Paul Ryan is like "don't worry, we're going to replace Obamacare with the system that was used before Obamacare was passed." You know, the one that would have left the guy to die of cancer.

I really hope this does wake a lot of conservatives up, but it's going to be too little, too late for a lot of people who are relying on expensive treatments right now to live. And maybe for the entire country.

Friday Happy



Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gif of the Day

I am FLOORED by this gif. Absolutely devastated.

This is How You Use Hate Crime Laws

The state I live in isn't perfect and is not some tolerant utopia where racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, etc. don't exist (trust me) but I do have some pride in the area that I happened to be born in. Because we sometimes do things right.

White Center woman charged with hate-crime after ‘Spanish privilege' rant on Facebook Live

A King County woman was charged with a hate crime after allegedly posting a video on Facebook that prosecutors say shows her tailing a Hispanic woman in her car, railing against the other driver for having "Spanish privilege" and threatening to ram her vehicle. 
Sandra Jametski, 48, of White Center, was has been held on $500,000 bail since early December, charged with malicious harassment, the state's hate crime statute. Jametski is also known as Sandra Diann Huddleson. 
King County prosecutors said Jametski followed a neighbor as the neighbor drove to her child's school and that she recorded her racist rant on her phone.

I'm happy both about that fact that Washington's hate crime laws are being used properly - to protect the oppressed from their oppressors - and the fact that this dangerous, racist harassment and stalking is being appropriately punished. Can you imagine how terrifying something like that would be? If someone was tailgating you all the way to your child's school, angrily ranting into a phone? And it makes it so much worse in a white supremacist country when it's a white woman harassing you and you're not only a person of color, but of a race that has recently been targeted by the nation's president elect.

A lot of people still don't take harassment seriously if it doesn't involve direct physical violence. But this woman was being violent and threatening violence, and I'm so glad that she's facing appropriate consequences. More of this, please.

Bye Healthcare

It's getting real hard not to resent and blame the people who were like "whatever I won't vote because the U.S. under Donald or under Hillary will be the same" or "I'll vote for Donald to shake things up" as the Republican controlled congress is already in the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act before Donald has even become president. I mean, I of course resent and blame the conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians who directly elected Donald and this congress, including those who were so ignorant on the issues that they didn't get that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same fucking thing, but I tend to resent people who I feel should know better more.

Come on. How did you not see how different a Donald presidency would be from a Hillary presidency. Obamacare is only the beginning, and it will affect so many millions. Including me.

No more free birth control. No more free anxiety medication. That's gonna be another $30-40 added to my monthly budget. It's not an insignificant amount for me, and it could be devastating for someone living on a tighter budget. And many, many people are.

And don't believe for a second that Republicans are going to replace it with anything. They clearly don't have anything yet, and they can't just cook up something in the next week while they repeal the ACA. The ACA took several months to develop, first being adapted from Romney's healthcare plan (let's not forget that the ACA is a Republican healthcare system, and it's a testament to the human capacity for mental gymnastics that they were able to turn on their own invention and get us all to label it "Obamacare"), then going through a long process of development followed by negotiations in Congress to turn it into something that the Republicans could accept, even though they turned on it anyway despite the many concessions made to them by the Obama administration.

I seriously still can't believe all I've just written above, even after all these years. The Republican party has morphed into the physical embodiment of a clusterfuck.

I don't know what's going to happen to health insurance once the ACA is repealed. Probably a health insurance company free-for-all that ends up screwing the common people all to hell. And yes, people will die because of it. But what's a little extra blood to the Republicans, who are already soaked in it daily?