Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Restricted Life of the Neo-Nazi

The kinds of dudes I've now come to recognize as white supremacists/neo-Nazis have always raised the cry of FREEDOOOOOOOOMMMMM to defend their ideology decrying leftist "PC culture" as being restrictive and lambasting constantly about freedom of speech and maybe gun-having. But one thing I've observed about this group is that it's one of the most restrictive I've ever seen. In order to be a part of this particular ingroup, you must follow a large set of strange, often-conflicting and ever-changing rules, many of which describe things that you are not allowed to do.

These include:

  • You can't be anything but an able-bodied neurotypical cis straight white dude within a certain body type range. No exploring gender or sexuality.
  • You can't touch other men except maybe to bump fists.
  • You can't use certain words such as "people of color" or "privilege" or anything that might make you seem like a liberal.
  • You must use a certain amount of slurs per Internet post unless you're trying to convince a normal person that your way of thinking is not terrible.
  • You cannot do anything that might be interpreted as "feminine" or "feminized," ever, including putting your hand over your mouth.

  • You can only be in a relationship if it's with a white woman and you treat her like shit.
  • Certainly no crying, not even over the death of fellow Nazis in your super manly WWII movies.
  • No liking anything made or run by a Jewish person, which according to them is like everything.
  • You must exhibit maximum asshole behavior at all times or you're a "cuck" or whatever.

This is just a small sampling. The number of random things I've seen these dudes call "feminine" or "gay" or "Jewish" (and I'm cleaning up the language here, of course) boggles the mind. Even just taking all the things that women do, that's a lot of things to not be allowed to do. Women also sneeze and poop and breathe. Are these things now women-like and therefore "physically repulsive" to Nazis?

I hope so.

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