Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Are you pissed off about the current state of things in the U.S.?

Are you flabbergasted that an overcooked cheese danish-looking blowhard who openly bragged about sexually assaulting women, who very likely raped at least one teen girl, who openly talked about wanting to fuck his own daughter, and whose modeling company was caught running a human trafficking ring became president-elect of the United States of America?

Are you infuriated by the fact that Mike "Fuck All Your Reproductive Rights" Pence is the vice president-elect as well?

Have you experienced murder spasms at the fact that anti-choice shit stains in Ohio just passed a blatantly illegal "fetal heartbeat" bill through the House and Senate that cuts off abortion access at six weeks?

Are you a woman or femme-identified person living in the U.S.?

Fucking strike!

A cross-generational group of US women is planning a nationwide strike against Trump

Massaro’s vision grew to be the group, Women and Allies. Inspired by historic, women-led strikes in Iceland that protested the gender pay gap, Massaro and other organizers are hoping that women across the US walk out of their jobs and refuse to buy anything for 24 hours. They want to send a message to the Electoral College and the American people that women will not stand for misogyny and discrimination.

The official Facebook page for the nation-wide strike can be found here. From there, the pinned post contains links to Facebook events being hosted in other cities for the same strike. There's one in Seattle, and you can fucking bet I'm missing work for that.

The strike is on the 12th, just five days from today. Of course, it's completely understandable if you can't miss work. But this is not just a strike. On the same day, a general boycott has been declared. Get all your shopping done the weekend before, and on Monday, don't buy anything unless it's absolutely necessary.

This is the worker's/anti-capitalist strike I've been waiting for. It needs to be a big success so it can keep happening. If we can get enough people on board, this will get people to pay the fuck attention. But there's not a lot of time, so spread the word quickly!

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