Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some Positive Shit

Positive shit right now RIGHT NOW.

First of all the We The People petition to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence did reach 100,000 signatures in time, so the White House will have to respond. Even if she isn't released, something good did come out of this.

I'm so glad she knows that she's not been forgotten. But it won't be good enough until she's free.

Also, a 25-year-old Malaysian women has probably saved humanity from the devastation of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

But Shu Lam, a 25-year-old PhD student at the University of Melbourne in Australia, has developed a star-shaped polymer that can kill six different superbug strains without antibiotics, simply by ripping apart their cell walls. 
"We’ve discovered that [the polymers] actually target the bacteria and kill it in multiple ways," Lam told Nicola Smith from The Telegraph. "One method is by physically disrupting or breaking apart the cell wall of the bacteria. This creates a lot of stress on the bacteria and causes it to start killing itself."

Thank you, Shu Lam! Women of color to the rescue!

Look at this adorable couple's amazing, love-filled engagement photoshoot.

Lastly, here is a video of a chinchilla holding a balloon:

I love you. Carry on.

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