Tuesday, December 13, 2016

RIP People of Aleppo

I haven't talked about Aleppo on here nearly at all. As the crisis has gotten worse over there, events transpired in the U.S. that took up all my emotional energy to deal with. That's probably the same reason a lot of us in the U.S. have been ignoring the horrific death and destruction rained down upon the civilians caught in the bullshit civil war/chess game between the U.S. and Russia. But as we've dealt with the election of Donald Trump and his filling up the White House with white supremacists, thousands of civilians have died, and many more been displaced.

400,000 have been killed since March 2011. Syrians losing their homes and basically everything else have been referred to as a "migrant crisis" and increasing measures have been taken by numerous countries to ensure that these people have nowhere to go. And now, those who couldn't flee are facing the last hours of this war and possibly the last hours of their lives. Or maybe that was hours ago already, I don't know. But last night, Aleppo residents were sending out farewell tweets as the state army closed in on the last rebel-controlled areas of the city, supported by intense shelling and bombing.

AlJazeera just reported that civilians are being killed on the spot by pro-government forces. It just so happens that yesterday, I read a beautiful piece from The Establishment by Lili Hirsch about her step-grandmother's story of growing up in WWII Germany and the fucked up shit she endured, including nearly being murdered by a Russian soldier while her dad had a heart attack. During the final days of WWII, the Red Army was very much encouraged to do everything possible to terrorize German civilians, including shooting them on the spot (and worse). This was revenge on Germany, despite the fact that the people they murdered and traumatized were largely poor people who had nothing to do with the war at all. But that didn't matter.

It's been the same with Syria. Months ago I read about civilians being evicted and arrested and tortured just for being in territories occupied by rebel forces or formerly occupied by rebel forces because that's where there homes were and always have been. But because they were in the vicinity of the rebels, they were automatically suspected of colluding with them. It might have been the same with the rebels that took over formerly government-occupied areas. These poor civilians were completely fucked for no reason and no fault of their own. They were treated as worse than enemies. They were treated as less than human.

So it's not surprising that this has escalated into civilians just being bombed out and randomly murdered in the streets. This is what happens in war like this. And the U.S. is largely responsible for the start and the continuation of the war. Because we're playing a fucking chess game with Russia. Or at least, that's what our governments act like it is. They can't be fucked to care that there are real people living and dying in Syria. That 400,000 civilian bodies are the result of their game.

I hope the tweets will help people outside of Syria begin to realize that the people of Aleppo are actual people. Not statistics, not chess pieces, not an abstract idea, not a different species. They're people who use Twitter just like any person in the U.S. And what's happening to them is a "complete meltdown of humanity."

And so many of them are dead now. It's too late to save them. I'm sorry, people of Aleppo. We failed you. Rest in peace.

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