Friday, December 16, 2016

Gays in Space

Star Wars: Rogue One came out today, among the usual misogynistic man-whining about girls and people of color invading their safe space :( :( :(

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists all around have declared that they're boycotting the film, which is great news! Now we can all go see it in theaters free of horrible bigots who don't deserve to engage with any of the woman-created science fiction genre.

Meanwhile, some awesome guy apparently named Ron took some of the man-whining and did the best possible thing with it.

First of all, man-whiners: Peggy Whitson, a woman who is in space right now, is laughing at you, from space.


It will be full of gays next. I'm so excited.

These are just as good as the images Ron made of the comments on the official trailer on Youtube:

I'm printing out the "women ruin everything" one and framing it.

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