Thursday, December 1, 2016

For Most, Fascism is Easy

There's a very important quote going around the Tumblrsphere about fascism, and I thought I had it saved but now I can't find it. But the point of the quote is that for many people, for people with a good amount of privilege, fascism doesn't change things that much. It doesn't crash through your home and take all your stuff, it doesn't drag you out onto the street kicking and screaming.

Fascism came to Germany quietly for the most part, following a time of serious liberalism. Before Nazis came into power, German scientists were studying sexuality and gender, making great strides in both transition surgery and psychological counseling for trans people. Varying sexual orientations were becoming much better understood and accepted.

And then, Nazis. But if you weren't a serious leftist, a communist, a Jewish person, an LGBT+ person, or a person of color, then you were mostly left alone. Not much changed for your average white, gentile family until the war came to Germany's doorstep. These people went to their jobs, went to school, came home, ate with their families, took walks, listened to the radio, maybe they had TVs at that point I dunno, mowed their lawns, tucked their kids into bed, and so on. There were some changes to the laws, but that didn't effect them much. Maybe their neighbors disappeared, but they kept right on going as normal.

It's the same here. There is no switch to flip that turns the U.S. from "democracy" to "fascist state" and once that switch is flipped, soldiers start marching down your neighborhood street and shooting people randomly. Your rights might be taken away, but that will happen slowly, and each time they'll seem to have a good reason. People might protest, and the protesters might be beaten, maced, and arrested, but if it's not you or your family members, the next day will be just like the last.

The human ability to adapt is astonishing. Your mind will naturally try to make you forget how things were and it will make excuses for the injustices happening around you.

Don't let it. I'm going to keep reminding you of this over and over. None of this is okay. Nothing is fine. This is not normal. We're about to have Nazis in the White House. White supremacists in the White House. Fascists in the White House.

Don't let it become easy. Don't get comfortable.

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