Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Enough Bullshit, Time for Real Revolution

Efforts to stop Donald Trump from becoming the president-elect have failed. But that's okay. It was never going to work. This country clearly needs real revolution - a complete overhaul - in order to fix it. No more band-aids. Come on, liberals. This program can't be patched. You must see that by now.

Now is a great time to full acknowledge that the U.S. has long been an imperialistic state that's used its power to take more and more resources and control at the expense of countless lives. We've been making people's lives miserable and committing genocide since before we became the United States of America. It needs to go. Don't try to hang onto it. Just do everything you can to prepare. I don't mean prepare to fight, because in all likelihood, the nation will fall on its own. We need to start coming together. Prepare to support those who will need it most. You can start doing that by listening to them.

I need all of you to start questioning it every time a white person is in a leadership position. Or a man. Or a cis person. Or a straight person. Or an able-bodied person. If there's a committee, is everyone represented in it? If not, why not? Who can we get in there to make it a truly effective committee? If there isn't anyone, what can we do to boost up people who are not being adequately represented so that more of them are able to take up a leadership position?

In that respect, don't look to me as a leader. I'm too privileged. I'm going to point you to women like Ijeoma Oluo, who is also calling for real revolution but is better able than I am to take you there.

As long as we go forth with the same ideas and the same patterns, the cycle will continue. We need a revolution of thought. We need to take out social justice mindset and demand it become the norm. We need to make it the norm. No more stepping on the oppressed, not for anything. We do this right or we don't do it at all.

It's time for us to prove as a species that we deserve to survive. And I mean that in a literal sense. We evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, or we destroy ourselves. Make your choice now.

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