Monday, December 5, 2016

Congratulations, You Played Yourselves

Welp. That class of average conservatives I talked about is starting to wake up to the fact that they've fallen for a massive scam. It's worse than the time they gave their bank information to the Nigerian prince.

I'm not gonna lie. I feel a little sorry for them. They don't deserve it. Just like I don't deserve pity for believing that Justin Trudeau would be a real leftist who wouldn't approve oil pipelines across sacred Indigenous land. I didn't vote for him, because I'm not Canadian, but you get what I mean.

Regardless, I feel what I feel. Just know that no one needs to feel this way and no one is a bad person for not pitying anybody who voted for Trump. Due to my personal history, I tend to feel bad for people going through some shit whether they deserve it or not. It's not necessarily a good thing.

I'm sure a lot of liberals are going to start publishing thinkpieces about how we need to coddle these Trump voters, scooping them up and cradling them, assuring them that they're not bad people so that maybe they can be convinced to vote for liberals in the future. This may be possible to do between individuals. Disillusioned friends and family members could possibly be convinced to, I dunno, do actual research on their candidate and the things he says and not vote for a compulsive liar and narcissist in the future. Maybe even to respect human lives beyond people who look and act just like them.

But nobody is obligated to treat these people, who are responsible for whatever suffering comes from the Trump presidency, with anything other than contempt. You are not "just as bad" as them if you don't pat them on the heads and assure them that it's not their fault.

Because they're not just people who were tricked. Their refusal to listen to warnings has not only entrenched the establishment that doesn't give a fuck about them, it's set the most vulnerable up for so much more abuse, violence, and the restrictions of their rights. We don't yet know what additional wars Trump will get us into, how he'll harm the economy, or whether the human race will survive this setback in the fight against global warming.

I will say this, to the people who are regretting voting for Trump because you realize that he lied to you. This is partially your fault and you need to accept responsibility for that. This can't be erased. But you can help mitigate the harm you've done. Stand against the man you voted for. Call your representatives, attend protests, and speak out. If you still don't think that black lives matter or that immigrants are people regardless of immigration status, then fuck you. But you can at least speak against job outsourcing and the increase in lobbyist power that you don't seem to like. Maybe ask Trump to stop giving white supremacists important staff appointments.

Maybe consider why you were so enamored by such racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and generally hateful rhetoric that you voted for a man proved again and again to be a liar and a scam artist. Give it a thought, huh?

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