Thursday, December 1, 2016

Alt-Right Watch: #What-the-Actual-Fuck-Gate


There's definitely a strong link between online, 8chan-skulking white supremacists and bizarre conspiracy theories. Alex Jones, a staple of right-wing conspiracy theorism, has been described as leaning closer to "alt-right ideas" in recent years. According to neo-Nazi site the Daily Stomer's "guide" to the alt-right, after the 9/11 truther movement, it turned to New World Order theories, and then lost steam until anti-semites started to once again actively promote the idea that Jewish people are secretly running the world behind the curtain.

So I guess the logical conclusion to this thread is, and major trigger warning here, that there's a massive secret child trafficking ring operated by Democrats out of a... pizza joint that has ping pong tables. It's called Comet Ping Pong, and I feel really, really bad for the owners. They're calling it #Pizzagate. Because of course they are.

Also I guess this has something to do with occultism and Satanism, the latter of which you'd think the alt-right would find common ground with. That's not a joke - real Satanism is often defined as worship of the self.

Anyway, it's no coincidence that the owner of Comet Ping Pong is a Hillary Clinton supporter and appears to be a gay man. That poor, poor man. Going through all the details of this conspiracy would take days of horror, but looking at the "evidence" that 8chan seems to be putting forth as damning, I found pretty much nothing. There were claims of intense child porn being on the owner's Instagram account that people saw before it was made private, but this is extremely hard to believe considering the fact that such a thing is the equivalent of going to the police station and just telling them to arrest you. I mean. Who would do that.

And the archive of this guy's Instagram account shows photos of smiling children, a necklace that conspiracy theorists are claiming is some kind of sex code bracelet, and sexual posts that are merely tagged at the Comet Ping Pong location but are not from the owner's account. The owner does make some sexual comments and references on his personal account, but they have nothing to do with children or Democrats. At worst there's a comment about liking butts on a photo of a baby, which is inappropriate, sure. But I'm not sure where they're getting a Democrat child trafficking ring out of that.

Oh, but on their menu, there are two things that look vaguely kinda sorta like pedophile symbols. Ish. And sometimes Democrats eat pizza.

Also they've dreamed up some kind of code language involving Italian food from the mountains of Wikileaks emails.

I first heard about this shit on Twitter days ago, when shit like Heil Trump was trending. Looking through the hashtags, I saw people claiming that the neo-Nazi conference and Steve Bannon's appointment were just distractions from like "pizzagate" thing. I guess Richard Spencer has been holding these conferences for years in preparation to cover up... whatever.

I think the link between intense bigotry and conspiracy theorism comes from a deep sense of entitlement combined with powerlessness. Plus it's just easier to hate people if you sincerely believe they're secretly out to get you. And that's the reason you're miserable, right? Then there's the connection involving intense confirmation bias - taking every detail possible and twisting it to confirm the belief you've already decided to hold no matter what and pretending anything contradictory doesn't exist.

Another interesting/horrifying thing is that some of the people on 8chan actually seem to give a fuck about the children supposedly being trafficked. Talking about how horrifying the images are. When I've seen them use images of child porn and defend adults having "relationships" with underage teenagers by talking about differing legal ages of consent in different areas and so on. Yet here they are talking about some liberal guy being arrested for raping a 15-year-old (though the links go to pages that no longer exist) like how horrible that liberal is. Yet in every other situation they defend pedophiles and rapists. Awesome. But we already went over how hypocritical these guys are.

Last observation: The deeper I go into comments on this conspiracy theory, the more anti-semitic they get. Sigh.

I know there's a lack of links in this post, but I just can't bear to subject anybody to this absolute clusterfuck that exploits real child trafficking and sexual abuse victims. It's pretty much the most vile thing I've ever seen. You can look into it yourself, but I don't recommend it.

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