Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alt-Right Watch: Recommended Reading

Whaaaaaaaaat I combined two regular blog segments into one amalgam of laziness! I (finally) noticed that We Hunted the Mammoth (formerly "Manboobz"), the site dedicated to keeping tabs on MRAs and other elements of the "manosphere," has expanded into its own alt-right watch. Blogger and all around male ally (and I use that term very sparingly) David Futrelle has been writing about the various activities of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, many of whom are MRAs and general putrid misogynists. Actually, they're all misogynists. Because you can't hate people of color without hating women of color. Just liking white women for our (assumed) ability to give you sexual pleasure and white babies doesn't count.

Anyway, Futrelle mainly focuses on individuals, as well as individual actions and events. My segment is meant to more broadly educate about neo-Nazi tactics and beliefs as well as to warn about ongoing and upcoming actions by white supremacist groups. But if you want to be as educated as possible on these fucks without having to dive into the swamp yourself, you might want to start checking up on We Hunted the Mammoth.

Please note that while I've found Futrelle to be better than most at avoiding problematic and triggering language, I have not found him to be perfect. But at least the original transmisogynistic name of the site has changed.

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