Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alt-Right Watch: Nazis in the Library

Libraries are supposed to be bastions of liberalism but apparently at least one Nazi group is using it as a secret recruitment center. According to SadGayRadical (great user name), Nazi recruitment forms were found in the library at Columbia University, hidden in a hollowed-out book that was out of place in the political science section among books about "nationalism" and "westernization." Tumblr won't let me go directly to the author's page for some unknown reason.

For whatever reason, the link to the article that talked about this is no longer working. My first thought is that the school administration either took it down because it seemed too outlandish to be true, or because they were afraid it would hurt the university's reputation. It's probably the latter but they'll use the former as an excuse.

Other important information to learn from this post:

  • "DarkEn," short for "Dark Enlightenment," is a Nazi term.
  • "The Cathedral" is Nazi code for "the establishment."
  • "Post-democracy" is common Nazi rhetoric.

The post suggests checking your local library for books that seem out of place in the political science section or wherever else you might find books about nationalism and other racist/xenophobic concepts. If you don't feel comfortable beating them with a baseball bat, you can instead maybe snap a photo of them to post online so that everyone else can avoid that person at all costs. Maybe replace the Nazi recruitment forms with passages from the Communist Manifesto just to fuck with them. Your choice.

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