Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Alt-Right Watch: Convenient List of Websites to Avoid

Or, for me, to slog through to try and glean some real information out of the layers of bad information.

As people begin to become aware of the problem of fake news sites and make lists of them to keep track of who not to listen to (there are a lot), neo-Nazis are responding to this by both expressing pride in making this "forbidden" list and decrying the use of blacklists, which, if you know anything about Nazis, will set off all your hypocrisy alarms. Was it just last week that I found out 8chan keeps a list of Jewish people? Time has no meaning in this pre-Trump post-decency hellscape.

Anyway, some shitty Nazi site that oddly enough uses a poorly-cropped image of a woman of color as its icon posted this list so that you can make sure to stay the fuck away from all of that. Warning for ableist slurs and mention of rape in the post along with the usual anti-semitism and racism. Here's the archived version of the site to keep that Nazi residue off your browser history.

The rest of the post is a lot of exaggerating and flattering of themselves. I continue to hate the exploitation of women via fake concern about our well-being and safety. It's pretty fucking rich that the same people who want to take away any and all of our human rights, confine us to the kitchen, and repeal marital rape laws are soooooo concerned that refugees and immigrants (people of color) are going to come to our homes are rape us.

And apparently, if I'm reading this right, the Nazis are trying to claim that the fake news sites contain real news? Like, even the Russian Twitter bots? It's confusing and I'm tired. But it seems like they're dedicated to pushing the narrative that the fake news isn't fake, but the fake news thing has already taken off because the mainstream media takes exception to being overshadowed and manipulated like that. The damage has been done, though many people will likely go on falling for fake headlines.

It's also possible that hard-right, not necessarily alt-right individuals may be so contrarian to the mainstream media that they might be more inclined to believe Nazi lies. This is yet another thing we need to keep an eye on.

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