Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Where Are the Democrats?

And when I say "Democrats," I mean the actual politicians. Our congressional and senatorial representatives. State and federal level. Our blue governors. Where are they?

I mean, in general, I haven't seen the outrage and existential panic that I should have seen from the vast majority of people. But the Democrats not only have the power to do something, it's in their best interest. Do they not want to be in power? Do they not really care? Are they working on some secret strategy that involves a lot of radio silence?

I don't know what Hillary Clinton is doing right now. Maybe she's just done with it all. Maybe she knows hope is lost in a way that I can't know because I'm not part of the club. But computer scientists and now even Jill Stein are calling for an audit of the ballots in a number of key swing states because they say there are serious indications of fraud. Election rigging.

But so far, not a peep from her or Obama or any other actual Democrat politician, as far as I know. And why? Currently, former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory of heinous anti-trans bathroom bill fame is outright refusing to accept the results of the November 8 race for governor despite the fact that he lost handily. McCrory is still refusing to accept the outcome and concede, insisting that voter fraud must have occurred. This has sparked fears that he may be attempting to exploit a loophole in which if conflict over election results go on too long, the state congress can just step in and basically name a winner. Since the North Carolina congress is dominated by the right, guess who'll get that appointment?

When it seemed like Al Gore won by a small margin in 2000, Republicans flipped their shit and demanded multiple recounts. Then, once the results came out in their favor, they were happy, and the Democrats just shrugged and let it slide. Then we had four years of W. Bush.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with the Democrats? Is this part of that liberal mindset that you need to always be nice and take some imaginary high road no matter how many lives it could cost? No matter if your opponents even bother to play by the rules anymore?

It's fucking baffling at this point. I've of course heard and kind of nervously brushed aside accusations that the Republicans and Democrats are all in this shit together to try and keep a select few in power, but SOMETIMES THESE BLUE FUCKERS MAKE ME WONDER.

Ahem. This post was inspired by a series of tweets I came across on a Tumblr post (fucking hell) by someone named Matthew Chapman. Here's a link to the Tumblr post where you can see them all in order. Warning for the gif of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt making out.

Such a long list of things Democrats could be doing but aren't. I'd hope that it was part of some grander plan but I've been disappointed before. Are they really negotiating already? God help us.

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