Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Welcome to the New Global Rise of Fascism


This blog is pretty U.S.-centric and that is because I live in the U.S. and always have. But I have noticed, as have many others, that a rise in fascism has not been a U.S.-exclusive experience in the past several years. As it often does in a connected world such as ours, political opinion shifts globally, even if there are differences in extent locally.

I'm talking Europe. I'm talking your so-called liberal havens of Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Places where socialism was supposed to have flourished. But oh, look at that, they're all very white countries. And here comes a bunch of immigrants and refugees created by U.S. imperialism destroying various countries in the Middle East and Africa. Now the white people are mad because they have to share their stuff with brown people! And along comes fascism.

Over two years ago, neo-Nazis started taking hold in Germany in a serious way by taking over the city of Dortmund. Which recently saw a large influx of asylum-seekers.

The Danish People's Party, which came in second in the 2015 election, is responsible for the country having some of the toughest immigration laws around. They are nationalist that oppose multiculturalism.

Finland's nationalist party also came in second last year, and the party leader is the country's Foreign Minister. Seems like a great idea.

France has had a xenophobia problem for... maybe ever, but they're outdoing themselves by seeing to the rise of Marine Le Pen, head of the fascist "National Front" and daughter of a holocaust-denier. She wants to ban immigrants and orchestrate mass deportations. She's been ranked the second-most influential MEP in the European Parliament and is on track to become the President of France.

Greece has got itself a straight-up neo-Nazi party which got seven percent of the vote in 2015. Unlike in the U.S., this actually means something. The Golden Dawn is now the third-most powerful political party in the country.

In Hungary, the fascist part got 20.7% of the vote and is actively subjugating the Roma population. The party has also been known to use anti-semitic rhetoric.

Italy went from four percent of the vote (five MEPs) to the anti-immigration Northern League in 2013 to giving them 16-17% according to polls from February.

The Netherlands contains one of Europe's most recognizable fascists, one Geert Wilders. He heads the third-most powerful party in the country and is dedicated to Islamophobia. He wants the Qur'an to be banned and was once on trial for inciting hatred against ethnic groups. He had to go right back very recently.

The Sweden Democrats may seem nice, but don't be fooled. They're nationalists that oppose multiculturalism and want strict immigration controls.

In the middle of the "migrant crisis," Switzerland's nationalist Swiss People's Party grew to get 29.4% of the vote last year. They're responsible for gross "black sheep" posters calling for the deportation of "criminal foreigners."

And then over in Australia, it's the same thing. The recent election of Pauline Hanson brought fascism back into the continent nation, with her extreme anti-immigration and Islamophobic sentiments. She even wants to introduce a "National Identity Card" that people have to use to access any government services. Terrifying when you consider how easy it would be to keep those from whoever the people in power wanted.

It get's worse every year. But people continue to deny/ignore it. Over at HuffPo, the site's shit white men are writing pieces about how it's not fascism that's on the rise, it's nationalism! And nationalism is totally a good thing! Look at all the good things that have come from nationalism! No, don't pay attention to the fact that it's basically synonymous with racism and xenophobia. Don't look at the dead bodies. Nationalism thinks that people* should have rights!

(*Restrictions apply. You may not deserve rights if you have the wrong skin color or love the wrong people.)

So this is our reality, folks. It hasn't yet been a century, but it's back. We're plowing right into another global fascist period. Will we survive this time? With nuclear weapons and global warming a reality, I'm not sure. All we can do is fight as hard as we can. Fighting fascism and standing up for the oppressed is the duty of every decent human being on the planet.

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