Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Video Will Improve Your Life

Not to sound like clickbait but fucking hell you need this video in your life.

Roland Martin of News One Now (add that to the list of news sources to follow) "debates" neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, and by that I mean serves Spencer his own ass up on a platter, and then at the last second rips the platter away and slam dunks his ass directly into the black hole at the center of the universe.

Yes it's 30 minutes long but I promise you it is the most satisfying thing you've seen in a good long time. This video gave me my life back.

We can learn a few key things from this video.

  1. Roland Martin is the hero we need right now.
  2. Richard Spencer and his fellow neo-Nazis are basically your shitty middle manager who treats you like shit and takes credit for all your work even though he doesn't know or do anything except treat you like shit and take credit for all your work. If your middle manager also wanted to eventually kill you after he's sufficiently exploited you.
  3. Richard Spencer has the debate skills of your 16-year-old brother arguing about video games, if your brother was white and wanted to exterminate all Jewish people.
  4. If you assert yourself and don't let them talk over you, neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer will end up looking like the complete jackasses they are if you decide to debate them.

But they're not going to change their minds and honestly aren't worth the effort even if they could so don't bother debating them unless you're going to film it and put in on TV/the Internet for everyone to enjoy. Unless it just makes you happy to watch them be reduced to eye-rolling, huffing little shits who contradict themselves every eight seconds. In that case, you go to town.

Roland Martin is my hero.

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